New Site! Comments please

  Charence 23:16 15 Nov 2003

Hello, my most recent website is click here I have not managed to add a lot onto the website yet which is why I would like some suggestions of what you'd like to see on the website. It'd be great if you can just comment on the good/bad design areas and content.

Thank you,


  AndySD 13:07 17 Nov 2003

Just a few personal dislikes. Way too much movement on the home page...its distracting from the content. Try removing one of the spaces between Contact and US.

  Talented Monkey 15:28 17 Nov 2003

Ok not bad for a start I guess, but there are quite a few design mistakes and hideous features. First of all have 2 of my top ten hates included on your page

Counters serve no purpose. These days you can get visitor stats through an admin page you are hosted with assuming its available to free hosting. Do you really want people to know that they are only the 30th person to visit and hardly anyone comes to your site and if you start the count too high people wont believe that all those people have visited your site. But at end of day if you really want the counter, then do as you please.

Scrolling text. is awful, worse still and something up there in the worse things you can possibly do is place a link in the scrolling text.

I hate looking at web pages hosted on free sites, all the additional baggage is a nightmare even with pop up killers! Get yourself some proper hosting it wont cost an arm and leg, £50 for a years hosting including domain name registration.

  tomleady 15:52 17 Nov 2003

altough i can see all the info, there is still a scrollbar at the bottom of the page and i view it on 1024x768, so this has to be sorted. i suspect that this has something to do with the hosting putting banners down the side.

so i'll follow Talented Monkeys suggestion and urge you to buy some webspace.

Also, I would remove the bit about pressing F11. fine, it does look better, only slightly though becuase the scroll bar is still there. also, if someone doesnt know how to reverse this, what do they do? it'll just put people off.

However, it generally looks pretty smart. so well done!

  PurplePenny 16:55 17 Nov 2003

It looks as though the site will be fun when it is finished but you really do need to get yourself some webspace of your own.

It isn't obvious from the homepage what the site is all about. A bit of explanation rather than the news would be more welcoming to visitors.

I agree with Tom about the "press F11" instruction, it would be better to explain what F11 does rather than just say that the site will look better.

I also agree with Talented Monkey about counters - they are meaningless, it is immaterial how many other people have looked at a site, all that matters to a visitor is whether your site has what they are looking for.

Post a welcome message on your forum - that will get the ball rolling. Maybe add a few topic titles.


  Charence 18:44 17 Nov 2003

Thank you for the comments!!

I will make the ammendments as soon as possible. I tried to use some banner blocking script, I will try to amend the page so it will not make scrollbars appear.

  Charence 18:50 17 Nov 2003

Does anybody know how I can make just the horizontal scrollbars disabled?

Thank you


  MichelleC 20:38 17 Nov 2003

If you're FP right-click on frames page/properties and change.

  Charence 20:58 17 Nov 2003

But that would disable all scrollbars wouldn't it?

  Martinsonline 22:56 17 Nov 2003

I noticed you got loads of Lycos stuff on your page.

I know of a far better FREE web host with no ads.
They're called HostUltra (click here), and they offer unlimited webspace and bandwidth.

I use it for my website.
Sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

  Charence 18:32 18 Nov 2003

Wow! That does sound good!!! I must sign up.

Thank you for the link!


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