New site to buy cheap parts

  Dirtbag 15:04 31 Jan 2006

Just found this budget designed website selling cheap pc parts. I have brought a x1900xtx off of these guys and it was fine sealed, the only problem is they accept paypal only :/, they offer limited stuff but more and more stuff is going on there and it seems quite competetive.
keep an eye out its
click here

  spuds 15:26 31 Jan 2006

Seems that most links,lead to blank pages.The site doesn't seem to comply with consumer law. Not a very good start or advert!.

  Dirtbag 15:36 31 Jan 2006

yeah thats the only downfall, but it was just luck that i googled what i wanted and this bare site to say the least popped up. I did pay via paypal and I got the card 2 days later with invoice so it seems legit. In what way dont they comply with the con law ? just abit worried as i am thinking of creating my own site selling kids toys and i dont want to fall into a bad catagory .

  spuds 15:52 31 Jan 2006
  Dirtbag 15:59 31 Jan 2006

clear description of the goods or services
The supplier's contact details
Details of cost and payment, including taxes
Delivery arrangements, or date for service to be carried out
Cancellation rights

no sign of that at all, oh dear... no mention of taxes, included or not included ???
the descritions are muffled.

  De Marcus™ 18:24 31 Jan 2006

Is this your site by chance?

  rmcqua 18:40 31 Jan 2006

PayPal only? Why? Not for me, regardless of how cheap they are.

  DamianScott 00:01 01 Feb 2006

The lack of an address or telephone number will probably instill a certain level of distrust in many people's minds.

I'd suggest that if you pay by paypal, and they don't deliver, then report them and paypal will refund you the money. There's very little risk to the buyer.

The site has probably been setup by someone who's running a little business in parallel to a "legit" day job, for a bit of extra beer money. So if the price seems good to you and you feel confident in splashing a bit of cash, give it a go! If you're only spending a few quid, and the parts break down in 3 months, and the guy's pack up and buggered off, then hey, chalk it up to experience.


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  Dirtbag 00:15 01 Feb 2006

Im afraid it is not my site and i wish i had a website to my name but i dont have the time. Also I have recently upgraded my pc and i brought a x1900xtx from this guy or company or whatever and i brought a cpu amd 4800x2 from, the i saw lbtechs prices and i was abit gutted.
im abit concerned about the warranties as like the previous post if anything goes wrong im buggard. Thanks for your advice all

  jakimo 00:54 01 Feb 2006

Your suggestion that "there`s very little risk to the buyer" is strictly untrue,paypal can only refund a payment if there is funds held in
a paypal account,once a payment has been transfered to the sellers bank account,(usual straight away)as sellers will not dispatch goods until they received payment, you will get a "no funds available" message, so paypal cannot make a refund. it has been suggested that paypal hold transaction payments for 30 days before paying the seller,but nothing has come of this to date

  spuds 11:37 01 Feb 2006

What jakimo as stated,regarding PayPal is correct.PayPal have many let out's on the way that they conduct their business, so it always pays to be fully updated. The only 'limited' security, would be to try and make any claims via a credit card service provider, if that is the way PayPal were paid.

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