New site... Any comments?

  Gaz 25 00:25 28 Sep 2003

I currently have click here

But am getting a little sick of the design, just thinking of introducing a new one for October.

Here is a sneak of the new one: click here

P/N: This is not finished, so only Home, and Information work. But I am working on it, and would like your opinions first.

I must say, I am not a professional so I dont know how to do everything, so its the best I can come up with, but do send comments of navigation, colour, loading times, design, problems, etc....

Thanks, and will look forward to some comments.


  Gaz 25 03:30 28 Sep 2003

Just to let everyone know, all links now work.

The content is poor at the moment, but I will be adding it.

My opinion is the text all needs to be right aligned on pages like this: click here

See what you think, if it would look better I will change it.


  Forum Editor 09:09 28 Sep 2003

that spring to mind Gareth:-

1. I notice that you have a trademark symbol on the text line "The solution to your needs". You may have registered this sentence as a trademark of course, but it's unlikely - trademarks are often awarded to words, but not whole sentences. You mustn't claim a trademark if none exists, because that leaves you liable to prosecution if someone else has registered the trademark. Ignore all this if you have registered.

2. There are a lot of grammatical errors in your text.

3. On your auto-quote page you should put the fields into a table. That way you can lay them out neatly, side by side in columns, instead of in a long line down the page.

4. Your copyright claim should include details of who is claiming - i.e. "Copyright 2003 - Solution computers". It should also include an acknowledgement of trademarks used on the site:- "All trademarks hereby acknowledged" and a rights reservation: "All rights reserved".

5. You might try a smaller font size for the text - say 8 or 10 point Verdana. See how it improves the look of the pages.

6. You say that you want to attract orders from people local to the company, but you don't say where the company is - apart from a vague reference to "The Northwest". You should state clearly on the homepage that you are a UK-based company providing purpose-built computers to customers in the (state the area precisely) area of England.

  Taran 10:41 28 Sep 2003

I still say you would be better off with a dedicated domain name.

Nothing puts clients off more than looking at a yourname @ yourISP . com kind of address and it gives a poor impression of any site, regardless of how well the site is put together. This is especially true where you are trying to attract paying customers to buy your goods and services.

In addition, some ISPs have rules and regs governing your use of their free space in relation to business use, so you may want to check that out even if you don't want to go for a dedicated domain for some reason.

With the cost of hosting as low as it is now, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by having your own web presence under its own name.



  Gaz 25 11:56 28 Sep 2003

Thanks for your comments, as far as I have heard, there is no formal copyright, if I have documents sent back to me in the post with the details and names: Solution Computer Systems.

I may be wrong, but I am sure this is correct.

I will look for the grammatical errors, however this may not be the homepage may it?

I did not write up the text, could you let me know where there are any please?

And I will sort the rest out.


www. solution - computers . co. uk

  Gaz 25 12:03 28 Sep 2003

I have looked through the website, with no visible errors, could you point them out, I am sure they are stupid little things. ;-)


  Gaz 25 12:08 28 Sep 2003

All tabled out and aligned to the left: click here

  Gaz 25 13:01 28 Sep 2003

You might try a smaller font size for the text - say 8 or 10 point Verdana. See how it improves the look of the pages

Ok, but with 1024 screen res. it is small anyway.

  Gaz 25 13:08 28 Sep 2003

Text size, reduced.

  Gaz 25 17:59 28 Sep 2003

click here is the old one.

Should I keep it?

click here

Is a prototype, what do you think? Should it replace the old one?


click here

Is a slight CSS colour change, do you think better than the prototype.

I need a decision before the 1st of October, which is not far off.

Just think, you are the customer, what do you think of the site. Do you like it, does it look good? Is it easy to get around?

I need as many opinions as I can get, so all are welcome.

Look forward to the comments from you all!


  slowhand_1000 21:06 28 Sep 2003

The custom build page still seems a lot to scroll through. Why not put line breaks in rather than returns, or put into 2 coloumns as mentioned in FE previous post.

I do prefer the slight changes as per your last 'click here' link.

Also what is the number <31492> at the foot of page. If it's a copyright number, I'm sure it does not need to be on.

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