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  vinnyo123 17:32 07 Nov 2005

starting new site and looking to get this one perfect. I am having a tweaking problem with header and footer. take a look at test site.

click here

notice when page loads header and footer does not hit end of right side. Then if you hit refresh it'll move to end of page on any resolution. Trying to find where this is causing conflict. I would like it to load first time to end of page."looks cleaner"

thanks in advance.

  djinn 19:00 07 Nov 2005


Your <body> tag should look like this....

<body leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0">

At the bottom of your page make a new table - it should look like this.....

<table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="000">
<td align="center"><p><font color="#FFFFFF">©2005 Staten Island All rights

Then remove the <td> cell containing your current footer content.


  PurplePenny 21:01 07 Nov 2005

Have you given the background of the main area a colour? It comes out lilac on IE for me (which is usually what happens when there is no colour defined in the code). I also seem to have my default font for some of the text.

You also seem to have the keywords and description of chat site.

  vinnyo123 21:44 07 Nov 2005

Ok just to clarify you are saying change body tag and footer tag to what you are saying it should be."djjn"

and purple penny not sure about main color don't have acces to files right now. Also keywords I need to change. Copied from another web site I have but haven't had a chance to change it yet.

I would test this tomorrow and get back to you on this.


  djinn 21:54 07 Nov 2005

vinnyo123 said.....

Ok just to clarify you are saying change body tag and footer tag to what you are saying it should be."djjn"

Yes - that should sort you out.


  vinnyo123 03:06 08 Nov 2005

Ok seemed to work a bit but still notice it's not going to end of page on initial load. Then after a refresh it extends to end.

thanks again.

  djinn 11:21 08 Nov 2005


Not sure what the problem could be on your end - it looks and works fine here.

One thing to check if you are using IE - Tools>Internet Options>General>Temporary Internet Files>Setting> - Make sure that you have the option for Automatically set for checking of stored pages.


  PurplePenny 19:54 08 Nov 2005

It is right to the end on initial load in both Firefox and IE (sorry can't test in Opera just now).

  PurplePenny 23:27 08 Nov 2005

Oops - the forum changed John's copyright symbol code into an actual copyright symbol! What he means is that where you have the symbol itself in your code you need to replace it with an ampersand followed by "copy" followed by a semi colon thus: & copy ; (but *without* the spaces).

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