New set up with tv as monitor

  little jack 13:57 03 Aug 2009

Hi I am looking to start a new set up with mid price base unit ? and use a tv as a monitor Samsung 23" 2333 hd lcd freeview. or akura apldvd2049-hdid. or akuraapldvd2421w-fdid dvd +freeview ? can you please advise on the above + any base unit that will work+ cables required hdmi? vga? etc? i have about £500 to spend . i do not have a lot of knowledge on how to set up so thanks for any help or advise .

  birdface 14:27 03 Aug 2009

Just got this one myself.Looks like quite a good bargain at the price but you need an OS to go with it.You can download Windows 7 at the moment free for nearly a year.

click here

  birdface 14:35 03 Aug 2009

Also got a 22" Samsung Tv/Monitor which I have just set up.Don't think it has freeview on it though.Got that from E-buyer as well.Not much change out of £200 for that.

  little jack 14:37 03 Aug 2009

Thanks for reply what part is a good bargain and what is an os?what is windows 7 ?and why would i need it ?

  GaT7 14:38 03 Aug 2009

If you mean a SM2333HD click here, then as it has VGA, DVI & HDMI connections, you may connect it to a PC anyway you like depending on what the PC graphics outputs are like, & your usage.

buteman's suggestion is a good one, but it would help if you could let us know what you'll be using the setup for. E.g. are you going to be playing any 3D-intensive games at all? G

  GaT7 14:39 03 Aug 2009

OS = operating system. e.g. XP, Vista & Windows 7

  little jack 14:53 03 Aug 2009

i will not be playin games

  little jack 15:16 03 Aug 2009

any one got any ideas on good base unit about £250 with as much memory and hard drive as i can

  GaT7 16:13 03 Aug 2009

You'll be hard-pressed to find any better for the money than the one buteman suggested already.

If you want better connectivity on the PC side though (& is recommended to increase your options), install an inexpensive graphics card with dedicated DVI & HDMI ports, e.g. under £22 for this passively-cooled one click here. More choice at click here. G

  woodchip 17:51 03 Aug 2009

They all are all talking about XP Vista etc, First thing you need to know is, will your Graphics card Support Dual Monitors, as It may not just work with a single TV monitor, unless you first set it up using a PC monitor

  woodchip 17:57 03 Aug 2009

My Desktop PC when connected just to 32ins HD TV did not show no boot screen nothing until the Welcome screen so you cannot make changes, don't think it would restart, it had to be shut down for monitor to be picked up again

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