New self build not booting up

  fazer4 13:09 13 Nov 2010

I have just built a new pc (my first self build) with the following spec-

Asus P6X58D-E motherboard BIOS ver. 0303
i7 950 3.06 mhz CPU
Akasa Nero 2 cooler
6gb (3x2gb)Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600mhz (TR3X6G1600C8D-G)
Asus Matrix 5870 2gb DDR5 graphics card
Antec Signature 850W PSU
WD Velociraptor 600gb 10,000 rpm
Windows 7 64bit

On first startup everything went fine. Loaded the OS, let it update and all worked fine until I restarted for updates to finish. On restart, windows started loading then just stopped and the startup repair screen came up. When it finished it said that it could not repair the problem and the only option was to shut down.
I started the pc and the same thing happened.
At first, I could start in safe mode but due to my limited ability, did not really know what to look for.
I did a fresh OS install and again everything was fine until restarting when the same problem occured again.
I now seem to be stuck in a startup repair/failure/shut down cycle where even safe mode now seems elusive as well.
When I selected the components I thought I'd been careful to make sure that everything would be compatible with each other but now wonder if I got something wrong.
Any help would be appreciated.
Many thanks

  gengiscant 13:41 13 Nov 2010

This is part and parcel f building a PC, all builders even us more experienced have problems, so don't worry hopefully we will get you through it.

My first thought is a possible RAM issue, compatibility can be a major issue as I have found out recently.

If you have Windows still installed remove a couple of sticks and see if it will boot.
If it does insert another stick and try again.

Post back, by the way it will be a nice build once you get it going.

  fazer4 14:10 13 Nov 2010

Thanks gengiscant,
Just doing a fresh install of windows at moment but I don't expect much when i restart. I will try your suggestion and post back

  fazer4 14:40 13 Nov 2010

Just done a fresh OS install, did not install any updates, restarted and lo and behold, same problem.

  gengiscant 14:51 13 Nov 2010

Is this with just on stick of RAM?

  gengiscant 14:54 13 Nov 2010


  robin_x 15:21 13 Nov 2010

Just had a Google for you. Hmm seems like a million different problems.

Try the Repair option first.
Google "windows 7 startup repair loop"
I doubt it's memory, too many people have same problem.

I looked because it jogged my memory from last year when I upgraded to W7.

But that was a restart loop or just hanging at xx%.
Different problem I think.

  gengiscant 16:48 13 Nov 2010

You have actually just nudged my memory about a similar problem I had at the latter part of last year,I'm sure it was making sure that the HDD if it is a SATA is set to ACHI in the bios, but also in my case it was RAM compatibility problem as well.

  GaT7 17:00 13 Nov 2010

Always wise to check everything in a situation like this - I agree that a RAM check is the first component to have a gander at. G

  fazer4 17:12 13 Nov 2010

I've just finished trying different things with all the memory installed. Firstly, I installed windows 7 32bit instead of 64bit and installed the updates a few at a time. i had to restart a few times to finish installation of these and all seemed quite stable until i installed the .NET updates and then the problems started again, it even corrupted AVG which i am trying to uninstall but i am struggling to get into safe mode now. Will try again later, tummys rumbling, time for some food! I'll check the HDD is set to ACHI in the bios.
Thanks again

  fazer4 20:20 13 Nov 2010

I've checked each stick of ram individualy and in the bios there was a marvel controller set to ide so I changed it to achi but it made no difference so have reset it back to ide.

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