New router and Sky BB

  shellship 10:56 21 Feb 2008

Have read the report in PCA on the new Belkin N1 Vision (what a name!). Like some of its facilities, particularly ability to generate guest passes for other users. Big question is, will it work with Sky BB or must one have a Sky router to do so?

  pchelper001 12:06 21 Feb 2008

But I believe that you have to use a sky 'approved' router to get a sky broadband connection. You could always try ringing them up to see if they would help.

  shellship 18:00 21 Feb 2008

Thanks. Been reading SkyUser forum ad nauseam and find that while it is possible (after several nefarious tricks) to use another router, to do so would break Sky's conditions of sale - didn't read the small print, did I. That having been said, why is Sky's BB different to that of all other ISPs? It's just about putting things down a telephone line, surely. Routers are a big business with many players and I presume they can all be used on most ISP's BB so what is special about Sky?

  pchelper001 19:33 21 Feb 2008

ahh well we all know it is a big marketing game! No isp is different to sky. They all do exactly the same thing but why would any sky customer want to use their own router when they can have a very nice shiny rebadged sky one! I think sky believe if enough people have a sky router, then they will eventually take over the broadband world! Im sorry...but i think the new belkin router is very good...and sky are severly limting their customers. You could always voice your views to them...but they might not take that too kindly!

  shellship 22:09 21 Feb 2008

Do BT do the same thing? If you go with BT broadband they provide the router but do their conditions stop you using another router? Does any other BB ISP provider do this? In principle one must be allowed to upgrade one's router as technology develops - or am I being naive?

  pchelper001 08:27 22 Feb 2008

I believe most isp's do do this. But what is stopping anyone putting their own router in their own house. Are the isp's going to come round your house to check. That is the only main way that they would find out that you were using something else. As long as you dont tell them...i dont see how they can argue. They wouldnt know. A few friends of mine, have got bt broadband and they use their own netgear router instead of the home hub..and it seems to work for them. But then again...most of the isp's there are today are using the Netgear DG834G rebadged as their own...which is now getting old! If you want..use any long as the companies dont know, it should be fine!

  dms05 17:05 22 Feb 2008

Sky aren't actually the same as all the rest. Sky bought their own ISP a couple of years ago and have been investing heavily installing equipment in BT exchanges so that they can supply a completely independent system (called local loop unbundling).

But why are Sky investing so heavily in Broadband and why are they insisting you use only Sky equipment? My best guess is they intend offering IPTV (TV over the Internet) and for that they will need a very robust network. One of the big variables is the Router we use, not many obey all the original specifications for broadband, and Sky will need to minimise variables. So if they keep close control over the routers it makes their life easier.

  shellship 18:03 22 Feb 2008

Hurray. Been down to the house again and this time got it to work wirelessly with the Sky router. Once connected with the ethernet cable and on the internet I then did the Sky router number thing - which then did its hating with the router and all is well. But why did I have to find out how to do it myself from various forums (fora) as this trick was certainly not in the instructions.

Going back to the use of another router a post on another forum provided a means to do this but it seemed pretty complicated so I won't bother for the moment. Thanks all for your views.

  shellship 18:07 22 Feb 2008

It did its "thing" not "hating". Freudian slip perhaps.

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