New router pain

  gamerdom 10:42 08 Sep 2010

Hi there,

I am looking for some advice please. I have AOL at home and we were using an old router, which while serviceable, was a little slow and increasingly delivering a patchy connection. After some research I bought a Billion BiPAC 7300N as it seemed to offer the best connectivity for our household as the kids increasingly get online and look to play videos and games online.

The trouble is, that although I have installed the new router in exactly the same position as the old one; and the laptops are saying they have a good 100+mbps connection; the internet speed on all our computers have slowed to a virtual crawl, with pages taking a long time to load and sometimes even seeming to hang completely.

Can anyone explain why this might be? The wireless connection seems solid; I have checked and there appears no problem with our phone lines but the internet is becoming almost unusable - especially if more than one user tries to log on at one time.

I am not very technical, but getting very frustrated by the lack of speed!



  mgmcc 10:48 08 Sep 2010

What sort of performance do you get if you connect only *one* computer to the router with a *wired* ethernet connection?

  gamerdom 10:53 08 Sep 2010

with one PC it is still slow; but it appears a lot worse with more than one.

  mgmcc 12:19 08 Sep 2010

Have you contacted AOL Customer Support about the problem? I don't know if it's still the case but, at one time, not all routers could be used with AOL because AOL didn't adhere strictly to conventional protocols. I also seem to think that AOL used PPPoE rather than the PPPoA protocol used by all other ADSL in the UK. Try playing with that setting in the router and see if it makes a difference.

  gamerdom 10:10 10 Sep 2010

plugging in the Ethernet cable doesn't help significantly to the speed.

  onthelimit 09:24 12 Sep 2010

AOL do use PPPoE now. I also believe the MTU has to be set to 1400.

  gamerdom 12:52 13 Sep 2010

Yes apparently they do use PPPoE now - how do I set the MTU?


  onthelimit 13:42 13 Sep 2010

click here is the manual. Look at pages 27 and 31. Good luck.

  gamerdom 14:35 13 Sep 2010

sorry that link doesn't seem to be working

  onthelimit 18:21 13 Sep 2010

try downloading it from here click here - or it should be on a CD which came with the router.

  gamerdom 08:54 14 Sep 2010

Thanks changing the MTU to 1400 seemed to do the trick - it was set at 1500. Thanks very much for the help!

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