New Rig, Very Poor Performance Need help please!

  realized 23:19 13 Jun 2019

Hi everyone, I need your help, my new computer is having so much trouble with performances. Sometimes it runs great, but most of the time it runs really really bad in ALL games, even old one. Sometimes the computes freeze for a couple of Seconds and then come back. Running Diablo 3 at ~20-25fps when it's bad.

Specs are: CPU: i5 8400 Motherboard: ROG MAXIMUS X HERO (WI-FI AC) Ram : 2x 8G 3200MHZ - G.Skill TridentZ GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC GAMING Black edition - 8G PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G3, 80 Plus Gold 850W

I'm lost, please help me :(

  Menzie 01:17 14 Jun 2019

What Operating System are you running? Have all updates been installed?

All drivers up to date?

What BIOS are you running?

  PhillyG76 06:10 30 Jun 2019

Ive just posted a similar question, and you have a quite similar set up to mine. I have Asus ROG Strix Z370G board, Intel 9600K, EVGA RTX2080XC gpu, EVGA G3 750W psu, Samsung 970 Pro SSD. 2 x 16 GB 3,00MHZ modules. I've found although my screen is only 1080p resolution. There's an option on NVidia control panel for DSR, which basically oversamples at higher resolutions to make images sharper. so if you have a 1080p screen you can select 2715 x 1527 resolution and from what I understand, it makes 100p images look a but sharper. It does seem a little better onb forza, but mayvbe a 'placebo' effect. But if I try and up the resolution to nnext highest, the FPS drops badly.

A few people have suggested it could be the CPU is holding back the GPU, and I thought, it's quite new, six core, but it doesn't have hyper threading. Your GPU, although it's a few years old now, was probably the second to third highest model at the time. But your Processor seems quite a lower down model to be paired with such a high end GPU (if anyone thinks I'm totally wrong, please let me know (Nicely)).

How old is your Motherboard, because like mine it's a Z£&) chipset, but although might be a bit newer, yours seems to be much better equipped. So I'd say you've got a great board, PSU and GPU partnered with quite a low spec (well certainly compared to the rest of your system) but think most would say it's low specced in general for gaming.

go onto Google and search 'Userbenchmark' and you can download a nechmark software (You don't have to save it), you can run it online, and it test the performance of CPU, GPU and hard drives etc and says how well each part is performing and it gives links for upgrading parts. I just had a quick look at your cpu specs and actually, it's better than I thought,,and I'm sure I didn't pay over £200 for mine.But a lot said my CPU if underpowered for thr graphics card. if I can be sure of that, I think I will go and save amd get the 'mother', the 9900k, this should hopefully hold up a few good years. Also Menzie saying about Drivers and Bios, I obsess in making sure everything is upto date, clean the hard drives of junk files, defrag regularly. and hope this is some help and someone else says if I'm on the right track.

Good luck!

  grumpy old man 09:31 01 Jul 2019

choose a game you are having problems with and turn all effects either off or to the lowest setting possible , this might help you trace if an individual effect is causing you a problem.

If nothing goes wrong when you turn things off or down then alter each setting bit by bit and make a note of what you did and what happened.

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