New ram to put in but which slot

  Ex plorer 12:06 28 Oct 2006

Hi Which slot should I put the ram in on my motherboard.
Belarc shows the MoBO as RS400 SB400.
My PC On Boot Up shows Graphics ATI Radion 200 Xpress.
I had loads of problems and I took out the 500mb now I am not sure which one to put a new stick into.
There are two banks Red and Blue sorry but I dont understand what populated means in the hand book.
I took the old one out some time ago and then replaced it and the PC fires up and this was the only way it would start the PC.
Now I have a new stick to try but cant remember which slot.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:47 28 Oct 2006

Memory 2x 240 Pin DDR2, Dual Channel DDR2 400/533/666, up to 2 GB
or 2x 184 Pin DDR, Dual Channel DDR333/400, up to 2 GB

Which do you have?

You cant' really get it in the wrong slots

If you have 1 stick put it in the first of the relvant colured slots.

  ed-0 12:57 28 Oct 2006

Is this your motherboard? click here

If it is. Then your motherboard takes two types of memory.

DDR and DDR2.

Do you know which type of memory you have?

Now how much memory do you have to install, is it one stick or two.

ps remember. You can NOT mix the DDR with the DDR2 or vice versa.

Let us know the answers and we can tell you which slots to use.

After a refresh, as Fruit Bat /\0/\

  Ex plorer 13:05 28 Oct 2006

MOBO is a 478 slot, Ram type is Corsair VS512MB400
other numbers are 819-0530106-0-142394.
One stick to be put in.

  ed-0 13:19 28 Oct 2006

Well it's not the motherboard I showed you. That motherboard is a pentium socket 775.:-(

Now your memory appears to be a stick of 512Mb pc3200 ddr ram ( 400Mhz ). This would normally go in the first blue slot on a duel motherboard.

If you clear up which motherboard you are using. Check it against everest home. click here

  Ex plorer 13:31 28 Oct 2006

Sorry I get confused these days on the board it it looks like this mPGA478 with a 3.0 intel processor.

  ed-0 15:56 28 Oct 2006

" Sorry I get confused these days on the board it it looks like this mPGA478 with a 3.0 intel processor. "

Sorry don't understand that.

So it definatley a mPGA478
motherboard. Have you tried everest home?

  Ex plorer 14:56 29 Oct 2006

New ram dint work or should I say get the PC going.
It’s been a lot of trouble so a new MOBO is what I will go for.
Since the PC is only 18 month old it’s worth a rebuild it has a small Intel Celeron 3.0GHz processor.
I don’t want to be much out as all it’s used for is surfing and eBaying looking for old PCs to buy and do up as original. Your opinion on this board would be appreciated or any other new one cheaper to fit my Processor.
My last board supported 64-bit PSB frequency of 800MHz 200MHz-bus clock. Also 400MHz.
For the Intel Celeron North wood and Prescot Processor.

click here

  ed-0 16:58 29 Oct 2006

The Asrock P4i65G is a very good motherboard for a intel 478 chip. You must see if the equipment you wish to use is compatible with the motherboard. post what you think you will be putting in the motherboard for a confirmation of suitability.

The ebay price is slightly higher than from a dealer click here

  Ex plorer 02:08 30 Oct 2006

Hi thanks for the help

I have a new PSU which is a 400.

160 Gig Maxtor Hard Drive. IDE 80 wire cables
Aopen x2 CD DVD Drives IDE 80 wire cables
Floppy Drive
Ram type Corsair VS512MB400 just the one stick

Processor 3.00 GHz Celron/im/800 SL7PM

Cooling, copper core heat sink with fan, should I use heat sink paste between heat sink and processor.

Graphics 64mb AGP x8 I used this in the PC to be revived as the on board failed sometime ago.

There are Two USB and two sound ports up front on the case.

PCI Slots one to use for extra USB ports including one internal USB.
I have a LAN.

I suppose I will have to reinstall Win XP should I use KILLDISK before installing XP it’s the third time I have installed Win XP on the drive. As I was having so many problems I reinstalled XP in case there were any bugs.

I have antistatic gloves and wrist band.

  ed-0 06:44 30 Oct 2006

Are you sure the " Processor 3.00 GHz Celron/im/800 SL7PM " is a celeron. It looks as if it should be a 3Ghz P4 Prescott. The 3Ghz Prescott will fit that motherboard. So check the chip.

the ram will run at it's full speed ( 400Mhz ) with a 800Mhz cpu. So thats fine.

The board takes 4X and 8X AGP. so thats fine.

You need a 20 pin and a 4 pin power connector from the PSU for this motherboard. Thats fairly standard. Just check that the PSU has the 4 pin adapter, also. That should be alright.

It has front headers on the motherboard for front USB and audio. Thats alright.

It has built in lan amd 3 spare PCI slots. So thats alright.

So just a couple of things to check on.

A fresh instal is usually the best, but you may get away with just a windows repair.


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