New Ram, Problems

  User-312386 18:10 14 Jul 2004

HI Folks

Just fitted new stick of 512mb PC2100 DDR ram so i now have 768 of RAM

I now keep getting critical errors

Now i dont know if this is the RAM or my PSU cant take it?

I did have 2 sticks of 256mb before and now have a 512 and a 128

I have an asus A7n266 mobo, Athlon XP2200 Processor, a floppy disc, a CD-ROM and a CD-RW drive fitted and a radeon 128mbddr atlantis graphics card

windows XP

I think my PSU is 350 watts

Any ideas?

  Podsville 18:30 14 Jul 2004

Madboy33, have you got the largest stick in slot 1? If not try that.

  Chegs ® 18:41 14 Jul 2004

Odd sizes can cause this,so can slight differences in the RAM's actual performance.I have 3x512Mbs RAM,all from the same company and I kept getting a crash or problems every few days.I set to with a RAM tester and checked each sticks performance,finding a slightly slower performance with one stick,I removed it and my system runs faultlessly for weeks at a time.I was sorting thru my PC bits recently and thought I would give the dodgy stick one last go,it works OK,but with it installed my system(under RAM tester)is slower,but faster at video editing(saves a whole half hour

  Dorsai 18:56 14 Jul 2004

This may be a thoroughly useless post, but a person i used to know worked for a company that made and maintained specialist PC's for bar code scanners, such as found in most shops these days.

He said to me once, when i said i was going to add more RAM to my PC (8 MB was to be upgraded to 16 MB, it was ages ago).

He told me that after i had added the new Simms (Dimms were not yet around) that i should go into the bios, then save and exit. Don't actually make any changes manually. just go into it, then save/exit.

Apparently , so he said, if the new ram needed different settings that the existing ram, this allowed the bios to auto detect the best setting for the combined new/old ram, and then when you saved, it saved these new settings...

This may be an old PC-engineers tale, but i have always done as he suggested to me years ago, and have never had problems after adding more/new ram.

  User-312386 19:04 14 Jul 2004

I took the 256 stick out (the old one) and the system runs fine

It means i cant take the 512 stick back now

Hey ho, will have to go and buy and 512mb then

thanks for all your help on this

  Smiler 18:14 15 Jul 2004

May have nothing to do with your problem but you say you have a rdeon 128mb ddr atlantis graphics card fitted. According to the asus site click here there is an Integrated NVIDIA GeForce2 graphics core. Did you disabled this when you fitted the atlantis card?

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