New quieter PSU

  Nonny 16:10 02 Jan 2006

I am thinking of replacing my PSU with something a little quieter. I have put up with it for about 4 years. My system comprises an AMD Athlon 1600 processor and a MSI K7T266 motherboard. I am only running the basic components so a 350w PSU should be OK. Any recommendations for around £50.

  DieSse 16:25 02 Jan 2006

I've recently put a Thermaltake 460W Purepower ultaraquiet into my system. It's got an extra large fan on the inside of the case side (not one on the back.) It's extremely quiet - has all the connectors - even a blue light (if you're into those sorts of things.) Shouldn't cost you more than 50 quid in the UK I should think.

  DieSse 16:27 02 Jan 2006

Got them here click here noise level 17dBA - that's VERY quiet.

  ade.h 16:40 02 Jan 2006

click here

The Q-Technology 400w Gold Series comes with my unofficial stamp of approval!

Or if you have very deep pockets, the Silentmaxx at more than twice the price (£160) is the ultimate silent PSU.

I'd rather have my almost silent Gold Series and save £90 though. It's in my office PC which is now moonlighting as an audio workstation, so silence is vital to me.

One caveat; no point in a silent PSU if the rest of your equipment makes a racket, so have a browse of the above site and get some quality bits to silence everything.

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