New psu required for 6 year old system

  brewersfan 17:02 02 Dec 2009


I have a 6 year old Intel P4 system on which the Antec SL350 psu started buzzing on switch-on a couple of days ago. I turned it off immediately, turned it back on and got the same result. Later I tried again, this time no response at all, no mobo light or anything. New psu needed methinks.

Am I safe in assuming any ATX form factor psu will have the right connections, i.e. for an AGP graphics card, floppy disk, IDE HDD, IDE CD-RW and IDE DVD-R?


  Diemmess 18:23 02 Dec 2009


No one else seems to have chipped in and by the PC's age there should be no difficulty.

As belt and braces, when you buy ask the vendor this very question.

  brewersfan 20:15 02 Dec 2009

Thanks for your help both of you, will look at the 380W. Didn't really want to get a whole new system!

  woodchip 20:24 02 Dec 2009

If PSU as gone it may have destroyed other Hardware but you will only find out by trying a new PSU

  brewersfan 12:19 03 Dec 2009

Thanks woodchip, looks like I'd be safer to buy something bigger than a 380W unit in case I need to upgrade other bits as well.

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