A New PSU or Motherboard

  KT78 14:55 08 Dec 2008

About a month ago my partner plugged her ipod into the USB port of my computer as it was starting up which must have caused an electrical serge as the next time I went to power the computer up nothing happened apart from a series a short beeps from the base unit. I opened the base unit & saw the capacitor by the USB sockets looked as though it had been pushed slightly out of position. So I lightly pushed it back into place & the computer seemed to work fine after that. However after recently using the USB port again my computer has started to die. First it would take about three attempts to boot onto Windows. Now the computer runs but once onto Windows start up the scene goes blank after 5 – 10seconds. If I turn the monitor off & switch it back on Windows scene is displayed for again 5 – 10 seconds. The capacitor by the USB port is in still place. So unsure what to do next? After reading different posts don’t think there is enough power within the motherboard to run base unit & monitor at the same time.

Do you think I need a new motherboard or PSU to fix the problem?

  oldbeefer2 15:06 08 Dec 2008

'The capacitor by the USB port is in still place'. But it is probably of the solder in variety. Possible dry joint there, which could have been made worse by the original incident. Only way to be sure is to check the underside. However, components are heat sensitive, so if it needs resoldering it should be done with a suitable iron, and a heat sink should be used (not so critical with capacitors, but it's best to be sure). Worth trying before going further with the (probably expensive!) investigation.

  howard64 15:07 08 Dec 2008

if you have a loose capacitor this could be your problem but very difficult to prove. If you have a spare psu it is worth a try. If your monitor is plugged into the second point on your psu it would pay you to put a kettle lead onto the monitor and power it directly from a socket. This would eliminate a power drain to the monitor. Repairing a loose capacitor assuming it is ok is a question of removing the mobo turning it over and soldering the connections. It is something I have done but not for someone not used to soldering.

  KT78 15:28 08 Dec 2008

Never soldered before so think I'd be doing more harm than good. Will contact a local computer specialist to see if they can solder. The monitor is plugged staight to the mains - so will get a spare PSU and give that a try. Thanks for the advise.

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