New PSU - any considerations?

  Yo Sammady Sam 10:45 14 Aug 2003

A strange sound has just started coming from my pc which seems to be coming from the PSU. I think its on the way out as its only 250W rated and 4 years old! Ive been reading about requiring 400W for safety and see that Thermaltake and Enermax are good makes. However, are there any other things to look for before buying? I have an ATX motherboard Tabor 3 i think.

  STEVE71163 10:53 14 Aug 2003

I replaced my psu last week and i opted for a 400w twin fan model as i was told that with the twin fan it will get rid of the hot air quicker. I also went for a low noise model.

  Yo Sammady Sam 11:05 14 Aug 2003

Do they all have the same standard power connections? And with the 2 fan models, do you need a vent above the PSU as well as behind it?

  The Transporter 11:07 14 Aug 2003

click here

Q-Tec PSU 550W PFC Version Dual Fan Gold
Code: 920476 £35.24

all in, free delivery

i bought one, very nice

  The Transporter 11:09 14 Aug 2003

one vent sticks out the back of the case, the other will point towards the mobo to allow cooling.

  Yo Sammady Sam 11:18 14 Aug 2003

ahh! i was wondering.
do you really need 550W?

  The Transporter 11:23 14 Aug 2003

yup more power the better, means you can fit extra fans etc and have no worries.

amd mobo about 60-80watts, amd pcu - 70 ish watts. dvd drive - 30 watts each, fans - 10 watts each.

graphics card about 60 watts. your looking at about 15 - 20 watts for each pci card. so you looking at about 350 -400 ish so your on the limit.

550watts is future proof. especially if you need to connect it upto the latest graphics cards, and processor cooling fans.

you will have no worries

  Yo Sammady Sam 14:40 14 Aug 2003

Ive just ordered one of the Q-tec 550W from your link above. Hopefully get it by mon or tues (1-3 working days). Any advice for installing it?

  The Transporter 14:58 14 Aug 2003

Best thing is unwrap it, make sure that nothing rattles inside it, all wires are properly fixed inside their plastic houses etc. This is just for precautions, you should do it with any new purchase. Fit it in the case. Make sure it is the right way up. You wont get it wrong as the top left? screw is stepped inwards. Screw it hand tight so it doesn't move.

Make sure the mains lead is not even connected into the back of it.

Then work out the most efficient way of connecting up all the components in your pc.

There will be two main wires that come out which will allow connection to 2 dvd/ hard drive type connectors and 1 floppy . This is the same for the other wire. Ideally you want the same amount of components connected to each one so they aren't overloaded.

If your using a pentium 4 board there will be an extra 2 x 2 (4 pin) connector for the main board (you want to connect this as it is a 12 volt lead). as well as the normal long connector. Connect these in last after you have connected everything else up, so no static, or surges may go into the mobo.

Make sure that no wires are covering up the inside fan hole that points to the mobo as the power unit will get very hot and spoil air flow. Just make sure you use cable ties to keep the wire layout neat and tidy but dont make the cable ties to tight.

hope it helps

  Yo Sammady Sam 15:03 14 Aug 2003

Thanks for that Transporter.
Ill keep this thread open and let you know how i get on next week. Fingers crossed that will fix the problem!!

  The Transporter 15:09 14 Aug 2003


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