Ade_1 22:38 28 Apr 2006

Hi, i am contemplating putting a new PSU into my machines, im not syaing im definately going to do it but before i decide to i need to find out some things.
1. What do i need to look for, for a decent on as i dont want to go buying a cheap one which will last all of 6 months.
2. I have a graphics card that needs 300w and i have 1 hard drive and i am wanting to have another hard drive, also i have 1 CD/CDRW drvie, so what sive would be best to go for? (wattage i mean)
3. Lastly - I have a dell dimension 5100 do i need to look for a certain type of PSU? And im assuming that the connectors to and from the PSU would go in the same places?

Thanks in advance

  howard63 15:18 29 Apr 2006

at one time dell had altered the connections and you could only fit a dell replacement. Be very careful. Smoke and bangs could result.

  baldiedave 16:01 29 Apr 2006

I have had psu problems with Dells they usually use specific PSUs so standard off the shelf PSUs dont fit. A good work round is new off the shelf case & psu can work out cheaper ( Ebuyer /Dabs etc) than ordering part from Dell

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