New programme installation CD will not install

  Trikie 01:02 17 Mar 2005

Just bought a Packard Bell Audio Dream MP3 player and am trying to install the programme on XP.

The CD does not autorun, and opening with a double left click brings up a website set of user instructions.

Using the right click gives the following results

AUTOPLAY opens the same website page

OPEN lists 13 folders and 7 files. 9 of the folders are just numbered, the other 4 are LIBRARY, SETUP, SETUPFM and STATIC.

SETUP contains 3 folders and 17 files. One of the files is WINSTALL.EXE and when I open this it starts to transfer data and then freezes.

Is this a fault in the CD - I load other programmes with no trouble. Is there likely to be another file that I can try to run?

  Julemand 05:17 17 Mar 2005

right click start/explorer/cd drive. you should be able to see all the files. there should be a set up ikon try this.

  Trikie 10:45 17 Mar 2005

Thanks Julemand. That brings up the list of files and folders that I listed. There is a very small icon against each of the files - is there a standard one for Setup and if so what is it?

I have opened the SETUP folder and the SETUP.EXE file inside this - it starts an installation wizard but all it does is ask if I want to UNinstall the programme! Is it me or a bad CD?

  Trikie 10:50 17 Mar 2005

Just tried the WINSTALL.EXE file again and it is still starting to transfer data and then freezing.

The Packard Bell website forum has a lot of adverse comments about the Audio Dream player but no mention of setup problems. Has anyone experience of this?

  woodt 11:02 17 Mar 2005

Silly question but have you read the user instructions that you refer to. It may be that there is no progran to install you just drag and drop MP3 files to the player which will appear as an external drive in My Computer.

  Trikie 11:22 17 Mar 2005

Thanks woodt - yes, there is a note that the CD is only needed for windows 98!! Must read more slowly in future (or print out to take it in better).

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