New Processor Startup Issues

  Hedged 15:54 06 Nov 2014

Heya, guys!

I have tried installing a new processor today, but I just can't get it working.

The moment I plug in the mains, the fans power up without me even hitting the power button, and it remains in that state. If I hold down the power button to force a shutdown, it will power off, before turning straight back on again just to hum at me again, blankly.

I switched back to my old processor to ensure I was installing things correctly, and it works just fine. Now I'm not sure if it's a faulty processor, or incompatibility of some kind.

If there are any suggestions you can offer, I would be more than grateful.

Motherboard: Dell Dimension Xps Gen 5 MBoard GC068 Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E6600

  Jollyjohn 16:02 06 Nov 2014

Go to BIOS settings and look under Power for AC Power resume - or similar and set it to always off. This should give you the chance to plug in PC and switch it on using power button.

Do you get any beeps from PC as it starts?

  Hedged 16:13 06 Nov 2014

No beeping when it powers up, but with the new processor that I can't get working, the light on the power button glows orange instead of green. The fans purr as normal, but nothing else happens.

Everything works just fine with the old processor. I just don't know if the new processor is faulty, or incompatible with the motherboard. I'm meddling with things I don't truly understand.

  Bris 16:32 06 Nov 2014

Either the motherboard doesnt support your new CPU, the Dell website may offer some help on this, or the BIOS needs updating and once again Dells website is the best place to start.

  rtp8™ 11:28 08 Nov 2014

You'll need a C2D cpu with the same FSB of your Dell Dimension Xps Gen 5 MBoard GC068 i.e. 800 FSB & I think the best 800 FSB C2D you can get is E4600 from eBay or similar site.

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