New processor, PC now not starting HELP PLEASE!!!

  deanos63 19:21 02 Aug 2006

hi all,

I have just installed a new processor, from 2.5ghz to a 3.2Ghz P4. I installed a new heatsink and fan that would be ok for up to a 3.4ghz P4.

All good i turned the PC on and it seemed ok, i checked Mycompter>Propities and it had registered as 3.2GHz etc, i was very happy.

Then windows said it had finished installing the new drivers and my PC had to be restarted in order for them to take effect! brilliant, i clicked ok.

When my computer came back on it said that windows wasn't shut down properly blah blah blah do i want to start in sfae mode or normally. I clicked normally. The computer then just does a bit of loading but restarts and goes round again with the same screen! so this time i opt for safe mode. I then see it starts to load all the drivers but restarts yet again! Back to the same screen!

I can enter BIOS ok and it still registers as 3.2 ghz, the only thing i have done differently is to let windows install the hardware drivers! now it won't start!

can anyone help! can i boot it from a floppy or something, or roll back a driver? baring in mind i can't get into windows!!! is there anything in BIOS i can do!

I'm in a bit of a panic and really am worried i have messed something up, but how?


  ed-0 19:30 02 Aug 2006

try doing a windows repair. click here

  Dell Latitude 19:32 02 Aug 2006

try completley reinstalling windows or as ed-0 siad try a repair

  deanos63 19:37 02 Aug 2006

thanks guys,

but, if i try and completly re install windows does that mean my HDD will get wiped clean??


  Dell Latitude 19:38 02 Aug 2006

if you do a repair install your files will stay and all your software and settings will to

  deanos63 19:47 02 Aug 2006

my pc was an emachines oringinally, when i put the emachines cdrom into my pC and boot it from that, it only lets me do a complete re-install it also gives me a warning the all my HDD info will be lost!

THIS CAN'T BE! if i was to get an original stand alone windows xp disc would that work?

  andrew-196854 19:52 02 Aug 2006

did you check that your motherboard could take the cpu?

  ed-0 19:58 02 Aug 2006

" if i was to get an original stand alone windows xp disc would that work? "

I don't think it will, as the windows folder is probably on a hidden partition on the hard drive.

Either put the old cpu and see if it boots. If it does, backup everything. Then use the restore disk.

If it doesn't boot. Put the hard drive into a different machine as slave and then copy all your important data. Pop back in the machine and then use the restore disk.

  marbles 19:59 02 Aug 2006

im looking to upgrade my processer in my motherboard GA-K8NS ULTRA-939, at present fitted with a 3000+ amd. Can anyone tell me what the max processer is i can fit. i know it will AtHlon FX, but will it take X2 processers ?. anyone have a combination thats works good.

  deanos63 20:07 02 Aug 2006

god dammit!

yeah it is a compatible cpu, like i said it seemed to work fine until i installed the drivers and restarted windows!


  phono 20:21 02 Aug 2006

Try resetting the CMOS and see if it boots okay, also try setting the BIOS to default or failsafe settings.

It's amazing how often either of these actions can help get a PC with a hardware change going again and it is worth a try before you carry out a reinstall of Windows.

A standalone Windows CD should enable you to carry out a repair of Windows but is not guaranteed.

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