New processor - pc bluescreens when in high demand

  Patryk Neter 15:35 12 Jun 2019

Simply speaking I upgraded my i3-4170 with much better i7-4790k processor. Since then whenever I do anything that would demand a lot from the processor (games, sometimes chrome and all that) it just freezes and the computer bluescreens with 0x00000124 error (however it did use 0x00000101 error once).

My specs: 16 gigs of RAM Motherboard: Asus H81-M plus Power Supply: Corsair VS450 GPU: GeForce GTX 1050ti

I did try to update my drivers, but all of them are up to date. I'm 100% convinced the problem is to do with the processor as the one before had no problems at all.

  wee eddie 18:24 12 Jun 2019

It seems to me that there is a signicant likelihood that it is overheating.

Check out the cooling system and the correct application of thermal paste

  Old Deuteronomy 20:05 12 Jun 2019

Check out the cooling system and the correct application of thermal paste

Good advice there. check the thermal paste BEFORE YOU USE THE PC AGAIN.

  Patryk Neter 20:33 12 Jun 2019

I did make sure thermal paste is okay. I went back to my old processor too. And i'm 100% sure it's not overheating.

  Patryk Neter 21:48 12 Jun 2019

Yes the motherboard is officialy compatibile with the processor.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:05 13 Jun 2019

I'm 100% convinced the problem is to do with the processor.............

A faulty CPU can indeed cause 0x00000124 BSoDs. Having said that though, so can an overheating CPU. Your i7 processor runs a lot hotter than your i3 so please use your favourite temperature monitoring software to check the i7's core temps.

Let me know what you discover please. If you don't have any suitable software then I can help with that too. There's no point fiddling around with thermal paste etc until we can prove that overheating is the problem.

  Patryk Neter 13:20 13 Jun 2019

Like I said above, I'm 10% sure it's not overheating. One more thing is that I tried to reinstall Windows 7, but the processor died there too.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:04 13 Jun 2019

Use Speedfan and tell us the temperature before we go any further

  Secret-Squirrel 18:44 13 Jun 2019

Like I said above, I'm 10[0]% sure it's not overheating.

I'd like to be 100% sure as well before commenting further, but if you're adamant that the CPU core temps are fine when under load, and taking everything else you've said into account, then the CPU must be faulty. There's nothing that can be done to repair it so send it back and get a replacement.

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