New problems with removal of MBS software

  helpinghand 10:27 30 Jun 2007

Looking at other forum threads, it appears that MBS are changing tactics in their fight to keep their files on people's computers. In the main, this seems to be limited to activities to make it more difficult for people to recognise their files, either by change of file name or even by predating by years the date of the file download.

Another forum member has suggested a new thread to discuss these issues, and what currently people are finding are the methods which work for them, just to keep the debate more up to date and also to make it easier for forum members to locate solutions and potential problems.

  Forum Editor 11:17 30 Jun 2007

the date of the file download"

Can you let me have some evidence of this particular change?

  helpinghand 12:19 30 Jun 2007

FE: My reference to this possibility came from the posting by another person, either on one of the threads on this website or elsewhere - sorry, I don't have the reference to hand. But, I can assure you, I have read this. It would be helpful if that person were to add their experience here - let's hope they do.

  helpinghand 12:26 30 Jun 2007

FE: Have just checked through the forums and found the reference to predating of tiles to click here

You will note that my own comment above was prefaced with the word 'seems' and is not therefore an assertion by me. It is, however, useful for others to be aware of this as a possibility.

  €dstowe 15:10 30 Jun 2007

I would be interested in further information re the final sentence in the main MBS thread click here yesterday:

Deep dispair

Fri, 29/06/[email protected]:28

We phoned our local Trading Standards again to see if there was any progress with our complaint.
It was them that had directed us to this forum, thank god we resolved our problem.
They tell us they are taking MBS to court, hooray!

  Indianjo 23:05 30 Jun 2007


Details of predating files can be found in a site by A M (you will know to which site I am referring)

Posting dated June 28th, 2007 at 8:51 pm

...... Word of warning- MBS now change the date of the time stamp - more accurately, the year. I had been searching for files created 05/06/07 (date of infection) but the actual files were dated 05/06/03! I could only find the following files in my sys 32:......

  Indianjo 01:05 04 Jul 2007

What about postdating files? Is that possible?

After reading about predating files I remembered a phenomenon that happened about a week ago when I deleted the MBS files. I searched for the 6 files created 3 days before the pop-ups appeared then deleted them in the safe mode). I had searched for files created on 06/06/2007. The 6 rogue files, all created within a second of one another, were found PLUS 2 files dated 26/06/2007. Thinking this to be a computer glitch, I deleted the 6 files but not the 2 with the wrong date.

Today, I repeated the process and again the computer revealed the same 2 files 26/06/2007 although I searched for 06/06/2007. The 2 files are : A8E2D64B, 1 BK, Setup Information and created about 8 hours after the rogue ones.
And u2g.f, 1KB, F File and created about 18 hours after the rogue ones.

Also found 1 file 'modified' (not 'created') on 06/06/2007 named MRT, 15378KB, Application, and modified about 6 hours after the rogue ones.

Does anyone know about these files? Have they had the same experience? What would happen if I deleted them?

  Seth Haniel 10:01 04 Jul 2007

a few months back to sort .... when you tried to delete file it popped up straight away with another name and on deleting that it popped back up with original name - I don't know if this is what happens with MBS..

if the case would making a dummy file with one of the names (the opposite to the one in show)and make it read only etc so when you delete first the second one is unable to be made ??

(just wondered if that would work ??)

I got rid of this nasty by a two pronged attack - an Free online scan from Ewido click here with AVG7 (Free) catching what popped up

  helpinghand 10:19 04 Jul 2007

Your comment is intriguing. I'm sure I've seen reference to at least one of those files elsewhere in the forums - Perhaps a forum search would throw one or other of them up?

  helpinghand 10:21 04 Jul 2007

Oh, just thought, have you checked out your IE History? I think I've seen somewhere that Michael Pollitt is still interested in seeing these, with a view to working out what is going on. This link will take you to his webpage: click here

  helpinghand 16:25 06 Jul 2007

You and Yours are now running this story:

click here

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