New printer wanted - recommendations please

  Covergirl 13:59 03 Jun 2008


I'm looking for a sub £100 all-in-one device which will also print onto (suitable) CD/DVDs, primarily looking at Epson due to the proliferation of good quality cheap replacement cartridges and refills.

I noticed the Epson RX585, but I notice that PCA has a review of it and whilst it says it produces excellent photos with "vibrant colours" it says it is "disappointing" on plain paper - Paragraphs 6 & 7 click here - exactly how bad is bad ? I nearly bought one but was put off by this review.
There were also references to "banding" ? Hardly credible with (presumably) a brand new review item under constant use in the labs. Would this be due to needing the heads cleaned so soon ?

(PCA Team - photos of these bad results would have helped on the review page.)

Does anybody own one of these RX585s and can they substantiate that it's really bad printing on plain paper, poor scan quality and suffers from banding ?

Alternatively, can anyone point me towards a good, reliable, "photo quality" all-in-one which will print on CD/DVDs which doesn't entail re-mortgaging when purchasing a set of inks ?

The DX8400/8450 looks good @ £60, but doesn't print on CD's - I may have to forego CD printing and use stick on labels instead so all suggestions gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.

  pj123 14:59 03 Jun 2008

Does it have to be an MFD?

I am not a believer in one unit does all. If one part goes wrong it all goes wrong.

I have an Epson R220 printer, excellent quality all round and prints direct to CD/DVD plus an Epson 3170 Photo scanner which also scans film negatives and slides.

A pretty good combination.

Of course both of these units have now been superceded with later models but they are still available on eBay at really good prices.

  Technotiger 15:04 03 Jun 2008

I have, and recommend the Epson Stylus Photo R360 and the Epson Perfection 3490 Photo ...... I too am a non-believer in the all-in-one's.

  woodchip 15:05 03 Jun 2008

I have the RX620 And it does good Photos even on Plain paper. But it does not print CDs Virtually same printer as mine other than it prints CDs

  woodchip 15:08 03 Jun 2008

Main problem with Epson is Text, its not as good as such as HP, but Photos cannot be beaten

  [email protected] 15:23 03 Jun 2008

Something to consider also:
New HP cartridges come with a new print head, Epson is just a reservoir of ink. If you don't print often I would recommend HP as cleaning the Epson head if it dries clogged is nigh impossible unless you are prepared to invest in a cleaning cartridge. The HP cartridge can be removed and the head cleaned with a cotton swab. I am not biased as I have both and both give good results (the Epson r300 is best for photo quality), but when you switch them on they both go through a head cleaning operation and the Epson uses the most ink to do so. The HP prints great even if left for months but neglect the Epson and the head cleaning becomes serious.
HP = 1 Black and 1 Colour cartidge.
Epson = 1 Black and 6 Colours.
If you are printing regularly then I would recommend the Epson. With regard to models I suggest you buy the most expensive within your budget and which satisfies your needs.

  [email protected] 15:24 03 Jun 2008

PS Printing draft b/w with the Epson is almost unreadable which is why I keep my HP hooked up ;-)

  pj123 16:48 03 Jun 2008

You don't switch the printer off.

I was told by an Epson Technician, do not switch the printer off and it will not go through the cleaning/initialising phase. I never switch mine off and have not had any problems.

I also do a test print at least once a week, which keeps it in good condition.

It has, also, been modified so that the waste ink is expelled out of the back of the printer into a container and not into the waste ink pads.

  Sparkly 17:21 03 Jun 2008

"It has, also, been modified so that the waste ink is expelled out of the back of the printer into a container and not into the waste ink pads."

pj123 thats a neat trick would you care to share this tip?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 03 Jun 2008
  pj123 18:59 03 Jun 2008


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