New Printer and Scanner

  bristolgirl 15:58 28 Jun 2010

Hi again

I need to purchase a new printer and a new scanner.

I am thinking of purchasing an all-in-one machine and hope that someone can make some recommendations for me.

However, I now have a PC that runs Window 7 64 bit and it is important that my purchase(s) can run with this. My existing scanner just won't.

It is also important, the cost of replacement cartridges. I don't do an awful lot of printing but don't want to make an expensive mistake too.

As always, I really appreciate any help and advice!
Thank you

  chub_tor 16:18 28 Jun 2010

My Canon MP610 runs quite happily on 64 bit Win7 so the newer version MP640 should also be OK click here. If you want to go wireless and forgo the CD/DVD printing my son recently bought the MP560 click here Both have 5 separate ink refills, you can get cheap chipped cartridges and both have a replaceable head.

  Taff™ 16:19 28 Jun 2010

I`m normally a Canon fan but recently I`ve recommended and installed the Epson SX415 for 3 of my customers and very impressed with it too. click here

Windows 7 64 bit drivers available. Individual inks to save wastage and the replacement inks when bought with the printer on Amazon work out at £1 each.

It`s very easy to set up although I would say that the build quality is perhaps a little lightweight in some parts but should stand up to home use without a problem. Highly recommended ...

There`s nothing to touch it at the price in the Canon range at the moment. The only other button the Epson doesn`t click is wireless capability - we might have to think again if this is desireable but I suspect you will need to add about £30 to your get one.

  Taff™ 16:23 28 Jun 2010

Spot on for the Canon MP560 model I had in mind!

  bristolgirl 17:08 28 Jun 2010

Thank you chub_tor and Taff for your help and suggestions!

I am thinking of going with the Epson SX415, as this is more in my price range.

However, after a bit of research, it seems that a lot of people using Windows 7 have found it incompatible with this printer. Do you know for sure if it will be OK?

Sorry to ask, just that I already have a scanner I cannot use on Windows 7.

Many thanks!!

  chub_tor 17:59 28 Jun 2010

I went to Drivers and Support on this page click here it correctly recognized that I am running Windows7 64 bit and gave me drivers to download. From that I assume this printer would work on your system but of course I have no personal experience.

  bristolgirl 18:31 28 Jun 2010

Thank you very much chub_tor

I think that I going to go for this one then.

Fingers crossed!

Best wishes to you all!

  john bunyan 19:48 28 Jun 2010

I have W7 and have a Canon MP640 - pleased with it. You need to download and install the dW7 drivers first as the CD has Vista.

  bristolgirl 20:21 28 Jun 2010

Thank you too for your suggestion John Bunyan. It is very much appreciated.

I do think that I am going to stick with the Epson though, as it is more in the budget I was thinking of.

  bristolgirl 21:22 11 Jul 2010

Just to say many thanks to you all. I purchased the Epson printer and so far, all seems well.

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