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Is a New Printer Desirable?

  morddwyd 14:42 26 Jan 2020

My Canon 6100 series printer, while still working, is, like me, getting a bit sluggish and beginning to show its age.

The cartridges are also becoming a bit pricey.

Is it time to update and invest in some new technology?

Ideally, I suppose, I would be looking at a twin cassette A3, colour rendition at least as good as the Canon which, in my experience means Canon or Epson and rules out Brother and HP.

  wee eddie 16:09 26 Jan 2020

As I understand it, you are not in the first flush of youth. Do you still need an Industrial Grade printer?

If you can get by with a Domestic model, all Manufacturers have successes and duds.

I went for an inexpensive (relatively speaking) 3 colour laser Printer as my irregular printouts were costing me a fortune in Inks, during the Start-up/Cleaning process. However, I was not looking for Photo Quality on my Prints.

  morddwyd 09:11 27 Jan 2020


Food for thought.

I had not even thought of a laser printer.

  wee eddie 11:22 27 Jan 2020

Cartridges cost a lot but last, almost, forever.

Don't try to put Glazed (shiny) Inkjet paper through it. The glaze will melt and stick to the drum, which will then need to be replaced as it is not cleanable.

There is no "cleaning" process, no Toner is used while the drum warms up.

Colour Lasers: the colour is good for Letter Heads and Diagrams but, you will find that photo reproduction is not up to Inkjet standards. If photos are important to you, forget the laser printer

  BT 13:07 27 Jan 2020

I've always used Epson Printers, usually the cheaper models. As time goes on the quality of the output of new models improves. At the moment I have an SX235w Scanner/Printer which also serves as a copier, which cost me £35 in June 2012 and is still going strong. I only ever use compatible inks from Cartridge Discount which cost me around £10 a set. One thing I NEVER do is turn it off. This is something I heard of many moons ago and it stops the heads drying out and prevents a cleaning cycle every time you switch on thereby saving ink.

  amonra 08:55 31 Jan 2020

I have stopped using my canon colour printer due to cost of inks etc, and found it more economical to use some of the on-line services. I know I dont use the printer often enough , but it is quicker in the long run to order online. The quality is consistently good without all the faffing about cleaning heads, waiting for it to wipe its feet....just not worth it.

  morddwyd 09:15 31 Jan 2020

Thanks all.

Since colour rendition is so important (I use it to copy my late wife's artwork) I have decided to stick with inkjet.

Since I only print about six times a month these days I still have things to consider.

  BT 18:13 31 Jan 2020

but it is quicker in the long run to order online

Depends what you need to print of course but the ability to just press 'Print' and have hard copy in a couple of minutes is most useful, especially if like me the printer is 'always on' as I detailed previously

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