A new powerful laptop that is not expensive!

  herc182 09:12 23 Feb 2009

Dear all,

I am sure this has come up before so I apologise. i have been out of the loop for a while and would like your help.

Basically I bought a laptop back in 2006. its now looking long in the tooth and too slow for what I use it for.

I use my laptop for photo editing. That is its primary use. I use the internet and watch movies, but they will be fine
if I get a laptop fast enough for photo editing. I am not bothered by games at all on my laptop.

I have an Acer laptop at the moment, and although cheapish, it never really cut the mustard. It has windows xp,
2gb (upgraded from 1 gb) of RAM, 80gb HDD and a dedicated ATI Radeon graphics card (no idea which one).
Think the processor is something like a core duo 1.67Ghz.

Things I would like from my new laptop is:

-Fast performance (I hate waiting for things to load...)
-a good screen (high resolution, I use 1280 x 800 at the mo I think...or something like that)
-Memory card reader built in
-No software running in the background..i HATE Acer's software that runs in the background.
-Decent built in speakers

I am prepared to spend up to £700 but preferably no more than £600. That is ambitious I know.

I am thinking of Dell or Toshiba. No more ACER for me. If you have any further recommendations let me know.

Thanks in advance

  Diodorus Siculus 09:31 23 Feb 2009

How do you feel about installing your own OS? If you would be happy with that, take a look at Novatech: click here

It would come in at under £600 with XP if you are happy with XP.

  herc182 09:50 23 Feb 2009

hmm I not that averse to installing my own OS...

What are they like tho? component wise?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:46 23 Feb 2009

What are they like tho? component wise?

In what sense? The specification is in the link I gave you.

I find them good quality machines; there is probably a link on the novatech site to tell you who manufactured the machines.

  herc182 12:08 23 Feb 2009

sorry, what I meant was....it says 4gb memory...is it the fast stuff?

the hard drive, is it 5700rpm or 7200rpm?

Graphics card...is that ok for photo editing?

which of the processor options would be good for photo editing...

and, god forbid, is an apple laptop worth considering (although it is VERY much more expensive...).

  herc182 12:10 23 Feb 2009

oh and what monitor resolution do you get?

(forget the HDD question, i found out by modfiying it).

Also, whats best in the processor? Cache?

  herc182 15:59 23 Feb 2009

anyone else have any ideas?

Still looking at Dell as I know they produce good quality laptops.

  Fingees 16:14 23 Feb 2009

I always use Novatech, and have done for years.

They are extremely helpful, and no problem getting their help for their products when you need it. I have built a number of machines using their parts, and the one I use now, I built two years ago from their barebones selection.
Value for money.

All the best.

  herc182 19:30 23 Feb 2009

thanks for your reply.

I am on my laptop now and here are the specs:

intel core duo 1.66 667fsb, 2mb L2 cache
ati radeon X1300 up to 512 hypermemory
120 GB HDD
2gb ram DDR2

What do you think holds this laptop up? The processor? I think it is. I dont think it can be upgraded further, so defo needs a new laptop.

  AL47 20:01 23 Feb 2009

just for reference, heres mine, its well over a year old now

1920x1200 17in WUXGA screen
nvidia 7950 GTX with 512mb onboard, [not shared]
4gb ram 667mhz pc2-5300 [i think]
core 2 duo t7600g upto 3.1GHZ, but i det it at 2.83 practically]
160gb 7200rpm hdd, easy to upgrade
card reader,
6 USB ports, DVI out, VGA out, 1394, PC card, SD/MMC card slot

amazing mahine

  citadel 20:24 23 Feb 2009

notebookcheck.net has info, comparisons and benchmarks for cpu, gpu, etc.

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