New Power Supply Unit Vs Splitter Cables

  Poloman69 14:51 07 Feb 2004

I am building a new PC and i am having some problems. I am intending to instal the following hardware:

1 x 160G Hard Drive
1 x 80G Hard Drive (For Back up purposes)
1 x 40G Hard Drive (For System files, OS etc)

1 x DVD-RW
1 x CD-RW

The reason for 3 hard drives is that i do alot of digital photography and have hundreds of pictures to store and have found from previous mistakes when letting others use my PC that sometimes things go wrong - hence one for back up purposes and one specifically for program instals, OS and system files.

I'm keeping the 3 separate CD drives as it makes life easier.

Unfortunately my PSU only has 4 power cables and i am not sure whether to shop around trying to find a new PSU with more power cables or use power cable splitters.

What would you recommend?

And does anyone know where i can get hold of a new PSU which has more power supply cables - my graphic's card currently uses one of them which limits me to only 3.

i know it's personal but why have a dvd write and a reader? thats fine if you like but it seems unnecessary and just adds extra cables. splitters are fine though BUT, if you have three hard drives you might want to consider a power supply unit that has three fans, one to extract hot air from inside your pc. they are more expensive but they will be worth it in the end, and you could get one with more power leads for all those drives. if they dont have any on ebuyer or microdirect (the best two component shops in my opinion) try a specialist overclocking shop, just do a search for overclocking. if not, try click here, they have lots of specilist stuff too.
good luck!!!!!!!!


  Gongoozler 15:04 07 Feb 2004

My opinion is that if your power supply has enough reserve power and is good quality, then get some splitter cables. I don't know of any supplies that specify the number of connectors, but I doubt that the makers will fit more than required by a typical installation, and yours is not quite typical.

  Indigo 1 15:27 07 Feb 2004

I use the Vantec Stealth 520 watt Aluminium which came with about twice as many cables and connectors as most PSU's Ive seen. Not cheap true but the three fans make a HUGE difference to temperatures. Other sizes available 420 watt and 470 watt.

  Poloman69 15:56 10 Feb 2004

I have a writer and a re-writer as I have 2 monitors attached to my PC and regualry run more than 1 application, so my kids can be watching a film or looking through slideshows on 1 monitor whilst i am happily doing my work on the other - it sorta gets them involved too whilst makes for some peaceful work time.

Indigo 1 - where did you get your PSU from

  Indigo 1 18:52 10 Feb 2004

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