New to Pipex, still having trouble with email

  Cybermaxx 20:30 03 Mar 2004

I've set up the account, and I THINK I've done it right. However, when I send an email, it gets returned undelivered. It says I may not have SMTP Authentication turned on, whatever that means. it's likely I've made a mistake somewhere when setting up Outlook Express. I'm just confused, and cheesed off!

I was going to update my email address for this site, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea now......

  ch0pper 20:48 03 Mar 2004

I had some problems with Pipex initially, and a call to their helpdesk was all I needed.

Make sure that you set your SMTP to and not as you need for your log-on.

But, I really do suggest that you give them a quick call. I found them helpful and courteous.

  ch0pper 20:51 03 Mar 2004

Having just checked my OE6 settings, I find that you need to use to send, and to receive.

The Pipex installation guide is very clear if you care to d/l it from their site.

  LastChip 20:56 03 Mar 2004

If you go into Outlook Express; Tools; Accounts; Mail: and highlight the account your having problems with.

The important tab is the "Servers" tab. Your servers should appear as follows;

It's the account name that catches a lot of people out. It is comprised of whatever Pipex gave you for the account and the Pipex generated random password.

So, if for example Pipex gave you an account abcd12, for account log on purposes, it would become;

that's the account + a % + dsl (no spaces) and then

The password remains at whatever Pipex provided.

You are no doubt aware you can assign your preferred e-mail addresses to these accounts, but the assignment, plays no part in the log on process. Stick to what Pipex gave you initially.

Once set-up correctly, you will have no problems. I have been using this service for over two years now without a hitch for all the families various addresses. Other than an occasional server problem, which all ISP's suffer from time to time, it's been totally trouble free. You can always check server availability on their web site if your unsure.

  Cybermaxx 20:58 03 Mar 2004

Thanks for replying Chopper. I have printed out the E-mail Account Set-up Guide from Pipex, and I've followed it to the letter. I don't understand why it isn't working properly. Anyway, I will ring them tomorrow night. I actually tried to ring them last night, at 7.45, but was told by a recorded message that they had closed for the night (even though they're not supposed to close till 8 PM).

Now, I WILL try to update my email address for this site. Wish me luck!

  Cybermaxx 21:18 03 Mar 2004

LastChip, all those have been entered correctly. However, looking at the servers screen, there is an option at the bottom for "My server requires authentication", which was unticked. I have just ticked it (might as well try something!), in the desperate hope that this will allow outgoing mail to get through. What do you reckon? Will this work?

  LastChip 21:42 03 Mar 2004

You haven't got something blocking it, have you? Like Norton Security or something.

Do make sure, as mentioned by ch0pper, that all settings in the server tab are .com. The only time you use .net is for your initial connection via ADSL.

More often than not, you get so frustrated, that it's a simple error like a comma instead of a full-stop! Remember, everything must be absolutely correct.

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