New PC - XP or Vista dilemma

  Noodlestrudel 12:00 27 Dec 2007

We are looking to replace our four year old PC very soon, but not sure about Vista

Got nothing against it as such, but uncertain if some of our old software will run on it (don't tend to update software very often!) Also, for the same spec of PC, would it be true that Vista would run slower than XP?

Of course, it might nit be too easy to get XP now.....

I'm sure I read somewhere that it's possible to have a Vista machine and run XP from within it? If so, would this be a very slow/awkward way to work. Not sure if I fancy dual-booting, which I guess would be another option...

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

  anskyber 12:07 27 Dec 2007

It really depends on how important the older programs are to you. Vista has Compatibility Mode which can run some programs in like it is XP. click here

I found that some programs I had to dump had free Vista compliant alternatives. My Vista runs very quickly but i would recommend for RAM a minimum of 1 Gig and an ideal of 2 Gigs.

Which are the programs you see as drop dead must haves?

  Noodlestrudel 12:17 27 Dec 2007

We've got MS Office which could cost a lot to update, although I'd guess this would work?

Also various versions of Autoroute (GB, Europe, USA)

Some even older ones, including WordPerfect which I still cling on to!

Older versions of PaintShop Pro etc...

I guess I'm happy with XP and would like to keep it if I can, but is it opening a can of worms to NOT keep up? Also, how easy to get XP now?

  Fingees 12:28 27 Dec 2007

I use Vista Home Premium, and run office 2003 also Paint shop pro 7.

All with no problem.

I would recommend Vista If you are getting a new machine.

With older PCs, drivers can be a difficulty.

Whatever you choose,
Best wishes

  ianeon 12:35 27 Dec 2007

Good morning - Three months ago I bought a new computer with Vista Home Premium installed - I installed my stand alone version of Microsoft Office 2003( from my old comp ) and it worked perfectly - I struggled with my printer for a while, but now it works O.K. - However my scanner( Visioneer 8700 ) was a no go, it won't work with Vista - I use Photoshop CS2 and that works O.K. - Nearly every programme I need to make me a "happy bear" works with Vista - However, on a more general note I can see no advantage to me for upgrading to Vista. I found XP Pro easier and simpler to use. The extra "bells and whistles" on Vista are of no use to me( I know everyone is different and some people will have a use for all the extras ) But not me.

  montyburns 10:26 28 Dec 2007

Not sure which way to go on this....

We're not really looking for an upgrade of what the actual PC does (ie, the aforementioned bells and whistles of Vista) more to get a bigger HDD, more memory, faster graphics, faster Internet speeds etc

There's nothing software-wise that we wouldn't be happy to simply migrate from our current XP machine - it's simply that this one is now a little too slow and out of storage space

I guess we could upgrade the current machine, but not too keen on that!

I have a feeling we might lean towards the Devil We Know of XP, but now the worry is where we can find someone who'll sell us an XP machine!

(btw, Noodelstrudel and montyburns are one and the same, but I can never remember passwords so had to create a new account when I needed to post urgently recently and wasn't at home to recieve a new password!)

  iscanut 11:13 28 Dec 2007

Have a look here...

click here

You have a choice of operating systems..Vista or XP

  woodchip 11:18 28 Dec 2007

I took a Vista Computer Back to Currys it Was a Toshiba Duo with twin Hard Drives. I got a HP 510 New from a Computer Fair with XP on it. It does all I need and it WORKS. DEll Still do XP

  Fingees 11:24 28 Dec 2007

Novatech will supply computers and you can choose XP or Vista, or even without an operating system.

click here

I've used them on many occasions, and can recommend them for after sales service.

  Totally-braindead 11:27 28 Dec 2007

You can still get XP. Even the likes of Dell give you this option if you wish, don't know if they do it with all their PCs but certainly they do it with some. If you do get a Vista PC then the only thing I can recommend is get 2 gig of memory especially if its onboard graphics. With XP 1 gig will do nicely.
You make no mention of a budget so hows about this click here £477.05 with Vista Premium or order without an OS for £421.82 and add XP Home OEM for £63.50 Total £485.32. Slightly dearer I know. But the PC I linked to would be fine on Vista if you chose to go that way.
See if this helps, its a list of programs and details of whether they work or not click here see if the programs you are concerned about are listed.

  Noodlestrudel 14:35 28 Dec 2007

Thanks for the heads-ups on suppliers of XP - will do some serious searching now

Not 100% sure of budget. We can afford around £400 if we buy now, but up to around £800 if we find a BNPL scheme!!

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