New PC won't turn on

  Dearersteak 15:00 06 Dec 2003

Hay all.

ok, have just finsihed putting a PC together for someone. Have used my old MSI 6191 Mobo with a Slot A AMD (600Mhz) with 320Mb Sd Ram, 20Gb 5200 Hdd, Dvd Rom/CD-RW drive, and a case with a 300W power supply. MoBo, Ram and CPU are the only old parts, everything else is brand new. But MoBo, Ram and CPU have worked for 3 years with no problems. have since upgraded, so am using them for a basic machine for a family member.

But Upon trying to turn the PC on, nothing is realy happening. I have pluged it in at the mains. When i flick the power swicth on the power supply, the CPU fan spins for about a second, and it also sounds like the Hard drive start to spin, but only for a second, and then it all stops. And for some reason the Hdd LED on the case is staying on. And when i do press the on button on the front of the case, i get nothing whats so ever.

Any Ideas?

  Forum Editor 15:03 06 Dec 2003

1. connected the small case connectors to the motherboard in the proper order?

2. Checked that the CMOS battery has a charge? If the motherboard hasn't been used for a while I suggest that you fit a new battery. The computer won't start if it's dead.

  Dearersteak 15:12 06 Dec 2003

i'm pritty sure that the connectors are correct, as for the battery, i'm not to sure, as it is 3 odd years old.

Will see what i can do.

  Forum Editor 15:15 06 Dec 2003

it could handle retirement. Fit a new one, and check those connectors.

  Dearersteak 15:29 06 Dec 2003

Nope. Swaped the battery around with my other machine, and it was happy to boot using the old battery. So the batterys good.

But i don't understand why the HDD LED's on???

  vinnyT 15:40 06 Dec 2003

But i don't understand why the HDD LED's on???

This is usually caused by having the ide cable wrongly fitted. There should be a red line on 1 of the outer wires of the cable (line1), on the hd ide connector there is a pin1, make sure that line1 on the cable goes into pin1 on the hd.

Hope this helps.

  Dearersteak 15:49 06 Dec 2003

well, I took out all of the leads to all the buttons and lights on the front of the case and re-connected them in case I’d made a mistake, and the HDD LED has gone out, but i checked Pin 1 was in the right pin anyway, but the connectors are keyed so that they can only go in one way. So that wasn’t the problem.

Am now REALY stumped for ideas, and totally lost for any explanation.

  Forum Editor 15:57 06 Dec 2003

1. The HD is jumpered as the master.

2. The power connector from the PSU to the motherboard is OK

It's literally a question of checking every little thing - assume nothing, and make a point of checking that the CPU, the RAM, and any PCI cards are all properly seated - pay particular attention to the RAM

I suppose it's not possible that you've got the wrong voltage set on the rear of the PSU?

  Dearersteak 16:08 06 Dec 2003

though of that, but there infact no switch to change it with.

Am sure everything is seated... will double check all the same...

Is it possible, as much as I hate to sudjest it, that the Motherboard could have died on me? Or anything along those lines?

  Indigo 1 16:19 06 Dec 2003

I have just found the solution to a similar problem, which turned out to be a faulty PSU. it was a tricky one to pin down but it turns out that if your PSU has more than a 4% reduction in voltage on one or more of it's output wires then it is enough to cause all kinds of problems.
click here for tons of good info.
And for how to check the output while PSU is not in case or connected to mobo click here and look down his list to the question entitled "500 watt tree" (it was the easiest way to explain it.) but you will need a digital voltmeter for this.

  woodchip 16:38 06 Dec 2003

Yep I would be inclined to say it's the power supply that's not big enough. One quick way to check is remove the power plug from CD drives and HD and see if it will boot to bios

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