New PC won't start

  raliy2k 23:05 03 Feb 2010

Few days ago I brought several componants:

1) ASUS M4A79T Deluxe motherboard
2) AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black edition
3) OCZ Gold series 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz

As I have assembled this computer I cannot get it to run windows set-up. When I try to install Windows XP, the PC hangs/freezes at "Windows is starting setup". I also tried to install Windows 7 and I get the BSOD with the message: machine_check_exception. Having said all this, one of the memory sticks is faulty. It does not work at all. The computer does not post with this faulty stick installed. Also, with the "non-faulty" stick the computer takes 57(yes, I timed it) to post and display the ASUS startup screen splash thingy, or whatever you call it.

My guess is that both of these RAMs are faulty, but I need a second opinion. Although, I did manage to install Ubunto, but I don't like Linux very much.

Any input would be appreciated.

  OTT_B 23:22 03 Feb 2010

Check your RAM voltages and timing in BIOS, also the CPU voltage.

Test your RAM using memtest (click here). Allow it to do at least 5 passes.

  raliy2k 23:34 03 Feb 2010


I will do what you suggested and post the results.
Also I forgot to mention is that every time I restart the PC I get an overcloking error:

"Overclocking failed. Press F1 to enter setup, F2 to load default values".

I have not even touch the CMOS setup apart fro changing the Boot priority.

  OTT_B 23:37 03 Feb 2010

Clear the cmos anyway. Better still, remove the CMOS battery to do a hard reset. Sounds like you've got a set-up issue or two!

  Audio~~Chip 00:51 04 Feb 2010

from the power source !

  raliy2k 09:08 05 Feb 2010

I did the memtest as suggested by OTT_B. Did 12 passes overnight. After 1 pass, it gave me 110 errors. Im guessing it's not a good thing, but would like some feedback.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:31 05 Feb 2010

Yes memory is bad send it back.

  OTT_B 12:31 05 Feb 2010

Did you check that the RAM voltages and timings were correct in BIOS before running memtest? If so, do as Fruit Bat /\0/\ says and send the RAM back.

I should have said that, when you run memtest, you can stop it once it's kicked up an error. Generally if it can go for 5 passes without fault then your RAM is OK. Overnight testing to be sure is a good idea.

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