New PC (Wireless Network)

  Hetti 17:03 25 Nov 2008

I have a 2 PC'S and a laptop set up in a wireless network, Im thinking of replacing the PC that is connected to the D-Link router, will this be differcult to carry out for someone who is not very technically minded?

  Borofan1986 17:23 25 Nov 2008


You will be able to replace the PC with no problems to the wireless network.

The new computer will locate the router, whether it be wired or wireless, and connect normally.

  Pineman100 18:16 25 Nov 2008

As Borofan1986 says, this shouldn't give you any problems.

If your new computer will be a desktop PC, and you want it to connect to the router wirelessly, then it's probably a good idea to buy it with a wireless network card already installed. It won't add much to the cost and it'll save you occupying a USB port with an adaptor. But if you're going to use a cable connection, just check that your chosen PC has a network card pre-installed (they almost always have).

If you're buying a laptop, then it will almost certainly have a wireless network card installed already, but just check to make sure.

  FreeCell 18:17 25 Nov 2008

If you are connecting the new PC wirelessly then you will have to enter the security pass code to match that set up in your router.

As Borofan says it will detect the router but assuming you have wireless security active (and you should)then it won't connect until you enter the right code. Only needs to be done once as part of the set up.

  Hetti 18:22 25 Nov 2008

Thanks Borofan

I will start the search now, was just concerned that I would be stuck and maybe have to pay someone to set it up for me.

  Hetti 18:24 25 Nov 2008


Yes it is encrypted, will need to find my passcode now!

  FreeCell 10:12 26 Nov 2008


If you connect to the router with an "old" PC, then you can access the router control panel. You type in an IP address into your browser address line (typically or similar depends on router )

In here you will find the router wireless security settings (WEP, WAP, etc) including the security pass code. MAke a note and then type this in to the wireless connections settings on the "new" PC.

Any problems post back make/model of router and someone will tell you how to access the pass code.

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