New Pc Windows 7 issue

  fedex1969 18:42 05 Jul 2012

Hi Cronus, Ian in Northampton and all. Since my last post, I have taken possession of a shiny, new pc. (The one off Ebay, if you remember). Now, it was suggested on this forum to purchase Windows 7 independently, rather than it being pre-installed, to save myself a couple of quid. The new pc came with linux already on it. (I thought it would be blank). The windows 7 disc that came separately has 'Reinstallation DVD Windows & Home Premium SP1 64-bit / For Distribution Only With a New Dell PC', written on it. The disc came with an instruction sheet on how to install. It also said that it would work on any pc, even if it's not a Dell. I can't even get past instruction No.2. The instruction from the pc manufacturer says to change BIOS to boot from DVD first then hard drive second. No joy there, either. It's as if the DVD isn't being recognised at all. I think I've been stitched up with the Dell disc. Please advise.

  KRONOS the First 18:55 05 Jul 2012

This one I think. Ebay PC. The seller makes no mention of a Dell disk in fact he says "For Windows 7 Premium add £79.00 Genuine with Disk and COA Installed." Which is a reasonable price for windows 7 though you could have bought it cheaper from Dabs Outlet on Ebay.

Did you pay the extra for Windows 7 if so you have not got what you paid for and I doubt the legality of sending you a Dell disk for what is not a Dell PC.

In the first instance I would get in touch with the seller and point out you paid for a genuine Windows 7 disk, which you did not get, find out why Linx was on it and not Windows 7. I am assuming you bought the Windows 7 from the same seller as the PC?

  fedex1969 19:13 05 Jul 2012

Thanks for the prompt response, cronus. As I opted not to have W7 pre-installed,they automatically install linux so you can be 'up and running, on the net', straight out of the box. But as far as they're concerned, there should be no problem switching to W7. I purchased my 'genuine windows 7' from a different seller on Ebay with a very high seller rating, as advised. The seller in question seems a bit shady to me. After a bit of mouse clicking, it seems the seller owns/is a director of, a few companies. One of which embroiders karate uniforms! There are no phone numbers on any of the sites, just contact via email. Surly this is a job for Rogue Traders!

  woody 19:44 05 Jul 2012

'Reinstallation DVD " Is that just as a recovery back up for a dell pc?

Out of interest how much was the back up dvd?

  fedex1969 06:23 06 Jul 2012

The DVD was £57.50, if memory serves me. The refund can wait for now. I need to get the new pc up and running.

  sharpamat 06:56 06 Jul 2012

There are many posts on the Forum covering sales from E Bay of win 7 which some have proved to be not legal espically at that price.

You could download a legal copy from

Which can then be installed on either a full licence which you will need to purchase, or a a trial ( just dont put a number in when installing ) this will allow 30 days which can then be extended twice. The site has full instructions

  KRONOS the First 06:56 06 Jul 2012

Can you link to the DVD seller on ebay? You certainly did not buy a 'genuine copy of Windows 7' you bought Dell recovery disks. It might be that you are going to have to get a refund,if you can,Either direct or through PayPal and then buy something like this Ebay which will be genuine.

But please post a link to your Windows 7 seller on ebay so I can see exactly what you bought.

  Dagcon 10:05 06 Jul 2012

The disc is for a new installation of the WIN& home, which came with your laptop.

Instructions 2 says hot to run the DISC by changing the BIOS setup of the laptop.

Here is the general process :

Tap "Delete" or "Del" key when you power on the laptop Advanced BIOS Setup will come up Choose Boot device or Advance Boot Options (look for the option) 1st Boot Device will be CD/DVD 2nd will Be HDD / Hard Disk Drive press F10 & hit Enter (put the disc in to the drive of you laptop & hit Enter, it will restart the laptop) you will get a option "Press any key to Boot from CD/DVD. . .

Follow the onscreen process, it is simple, just read carefuly - you are done after the installation finishes - it may take Approx 30mins or more to finish the setup.

  fedex1969 18:37 06 Jul 2012

cronus, the DVD I bought has somehow disappeared from Ebay. However, I did find a similar match, albeit a pound more. The images and description are exactly the same. Here's the link: (Sorry it's so long).

And Dagcon, these are the same instructions that I had which didn't work.

  fedex1969 18:55 06 Jul 2012

PROBLEM UPDATE! I have had an email which reads as follows: Hi Tobi,

By way of explanation, Carter Brown systems is a limited company which operates multiple trading divisions, the 2 most significant are AccentMAS and OEWworld, both of which have websites. Our technical number for OEMworld is shown on every listing, however, yesterday I was unavoidably out of the office and hence the if you called our line yesterday you would have been asked to email.

We offer telephone support for installation by appointment only, simply so that we can arrange to be otherwise free at the time you call.

OK, to your problem… The listing will have shown you the Dell DVD and also it does quite clearly states that disc is a Dell disc, that said I can tell you for sure based on my personal experience of countless computer builds and installations, these discs do contain a full installation of Windows 7.

There are only 3 possibilities why the disc will not install. 1) You have not booted from the DVD disc, you have to in order to install. 2) The disc is damaged or corrupt in some way. 3) There is a problem with the new computer

In the case of number 1, we can if required offer telephone support to install, please tell us any messages or errors you are seeing so that we can prepare?

In the case of number 2, we can of course provide new installation media. If you can burn a DVD disc and would prefer a native Microsoft installation you can actually make your own installation media by using a freely available disc image that Microsoft make available for download.

Obviously in the case if number 3 we can’t help a great deal but we are prepared to eliminate 1 and 2.

Regards Roy

What do you make of THAT?

  KRONOS the First 18:59 06 Jul 2012

You will still have the original in you Ebay purchase history,which means you can link to it. Stuff I bought a fortnight ago. Have a look and see if the auction is the same.If you notice at the bottom it says it conforms to the DSL (Distance Selling Regulations) which means that you can send it back provided you tell the guy within seven days.

This listing says nothing about Dell but I would like to see your listing. Have you been in touch with the seller?

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