New PC wi fi problems (HP)

  iMarkuz 23:18 01 Oct 2014

So I've just bought a HP Pavilion 500-326na Desktop PC and when I try to connect to my internet via wireless I get limited. It says I have a good connection(sometimes) but always has a sign over it. My internet provider is virgin fibre optic. I'm using a wireless USB adapter which I get 3 bars of signal with. It's suppose to be able to run 150mbps but I'm getting a constant string of 1mbps, 5mbps and 13mbps comes on for like 2 seconds. On the built in wireless it's saying 79 odd all the time. Any ideas? Completely useless with these things.

  iMarkuz 23:37 01 Oct 2014

Have done the router no luck. I've only been using the adapter since I couldn't get the built in wi fi to work, just always said limited on the connection. Thanks for the replies

  Ian in Northampton 09:28 02 Oct 2014

What you're seeing is symptomatic of being connected to the router - so your wifi is working OK - but not through the router to the Internet. Very often, that's simply a case of not having entered the correct WEP/WPA security key. Are you confident you've done that?

  iMarkuz 09:37 02 Oct 2014

Right so I have an update for you guys, I've taken my pc downstairs and now both wifi adapters work, the built in one isn't saying limited anymore but it's getting 3 bars of signal and the wireless adapter i purchased seperately is getting full signal and giving out a good 70+Mbps speed so I'm guessing the issue is to do with the range. Next step I guess is to purchase a wireless adapter that will be able to handle the range. Any ideas? Also is there any specific type of wireless adapter i should be looking for to work with my virgin media super hub? Thanks! :)

  Woolwell 10:26 02 Oct 2014

I didn't read this thread until this morning and am not surprised about the range problem. The built in wifi in towers often ends up getting shielded by the tower.

Have you considered Homeplugs?

  Jollyjohn 11:33 02 Oct 2014

Have you got a USB extension lead, possibly supplied with PC or USB adapter? If so try using it to move the adapter away from PC, as high up as possible is often best.

It is not the adapter that determines range, it is the router, so the suggestion of home plugs is worth looking into.

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