New PC - which one for around £1000?

  Ibb1982 00:00 17 Oct 2008

Hey guys

I'm in need of help, my current PC has died on me, I bought it almost 7yrs ago, and would rather get a new PC instead of repairing/upgrading.

I am a novice when it comes to specs. All I know is that I need a good sized flat screen monitor, be able watch DVDs and other media, listen to music, browse the internet, run MS Office, and be able to burn the odd DVD.

I'm after a nice shiny media centre style PC, that looks stylish. I've seen some Sony and HP models in stores which looked like fancy DVD players good enough to be in the lounge.

I'm a big fan of shiny black and silver, but just shiny black is good enough for me.

If anyone can help me out in getting the best for my money at £1000ish, I would be really greatful.

  FatboySlim71 08:32 17 Oct 2008

I would recommend Cougar Extreme. IMO you will struggle to find anyone who will provide superior customer service, range of choice and quality of build & components for the price.

With Cougar you basically pick the case you want from the extensive range, then the amount of memory (most if not all of the memory is Corsair, which is about the best you can get) you then pick your PSU brand/power rating, you then choose what DVD/CD drives and amount you are wanting installed.

I have recently used Cougar's customer service due to a fault on my PSU and basically they could not have been anymore helpful, they arranged a pickup of the PC, this was free, all other PC companies I have dealt with have expected me to pay the return to them shipping. Cougar even fitted me the next model up of PSU at no cost as the PC was under warranty.

I simple cannot recommend them enough. If you do a search on here for Cougar Extreme you will see how highly they are thought of.

click here

  Ibb1982 18:21 17 Oct 2008

Thanks for the Cougar link

I had go at speccing up a pc, but got lost, and ended up over speccing! :p

The prices are really good, but the looks of the pcs for me aren't exactly what I'm after unfortunately. I really like the new curvey and glossy style PCs/laptops that are out now.

Anymore more suggestions would be ideal, and any hints at the sort of spec I'd need for a media orientated PC setup would be much appreciated.

Cheers again

  FatboySlim71 20:06 17 Oct 2008

It might be worth picking out your desired case from somewhere, and noting the make/model/name of it and giving Cougar a ring and see if they can source one for you and then build you your PC.

There extremely helpful Cougar so they may be able to build you your system with your desired case.

Its probably a better idea when speccing your system to give them a ring as they may have some additional items that are not yet shown on their website and also they would be able to assist you.

  tenplus1 10:19 20 Oct 2008

£1000 is a LOT to spend on a computer these days... Why not visit click here and build your own for under £500 with everything you could imagine (including 22" LCD wide-screen)...

click here

  Tech Guy 12:50 20 Oct 2008


Great site.

  cow1777 22:13 20 Oct 2008

As you'll see on PC Advisor's reviews, have a look at Chillblast- I too was a newbie and they gave all the tech support needed. For a thousand pounds, you should be able to get a 24in monitor at least....have a look

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  User-1229748 19:44 21 Oct 2008

i too would consider eclipse but also this even though a little over budgetclick here

  Ibb1982 18:42 22 Oct 2008

nice one guys, some really nice PCs

my old PC cost me £2'500, and today you can amazing PCs for £1k, awesome!

Keep throwing in the suggestions, ideally I'd liek to keep below £1k.

Cheers again

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