New PC - What should I go for?

  dac2000_uk 12:12 08 Aug 2003

There are so many new computers out there these days that i don't know what to choose! I want something under £1000 (preferably between £700 and £800) I want it to look good, and I want power and storage, so a good amount of RAM and a large hard drive. the trouble is I find many of the modern looking machines with the tft monitors and so forth (e.g dell, hp pavillions etc) look good but they dont have the best specs. Whereas computers with better specs (such as the time machines) look really bland and boring! Any reccomendations? Any one out there who owns one of these machines and could give me an opinion?

  Lozzy 12:46 08 Aug 2003

There are so many to choose from I would suggest reading PCA Best Buys..

You do not say what you will be using the PC for?? E.G will you be using it as a gaming PC, is yes you will need a high end graphics card, then to keep the cost down you will need to sacrifice other components.

Report back what you will be using it for..

  dac2000_uk 12:50 08 Aug 2003

Hi, The main thing I'll be using it for is the internet, and word processing. I also do a lot of photo printing with my digital camera so I'll be using powerful image manipulation packages. I'll need a lot of storage as I do quite a lot of word processing so I'll need storage for the files. At the moment I have a packard bell and its just too slow and the hard disk is almost full! I want a fast machine, with plenty of storage and which will meet my requirements, cheers

  dac2000_uk 14:08 08 Aug 2003

I also want a reliable machine

  mole44 14:34 08 Aug 2003

look on the evesham site i use there kit and its never let me down in 6 years

  A15 14:59 08 Aug 2003

I have a Medion computer from PC World & have never regretted it once. I usually like to build my own but at £699 I could not go wrong.

I bought base unit only as I had my own 17" monitor, but otherwise specs are:

2.5Ghz Pentium 4 Intel processor
512Mb memory
80Gb hard disk
64Mb ATI graphics card

& this was around 6 months ago, the newer machines have even better spec. Take a look here on the PC World website for the latest one: click here

  Cesar 13:01 11 Aug 2003

You do not state whether you are looking for a desk top or laptop

  dac2000_uk 13:05 11 Aug 2003

I am looking for a desktop preferably

  Lozzy 13:07 11 Aug 2003

Try looking here click here

  barrie_g 14:01 11 Aug 2003

or try looking here click here

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