New pc with virus

  Rebanut 17:53 16 Aug 2003

Just switched my new pc on and found I had this worm I have been reading about, I was told to download a scantool KB823980 and I did but dont know what I do with it.
Can anyone help please.

  kortical Implant 18:06 16 Aug 2003

take it back to the shop, i would if it is brand new!

  Djohn 18:26 16 Aug 2003

As kortical Implant says, I too would be concerned if a new PC has this worm already on it! If it's brand new, then how did the worm get on there? The patch no. you refer to in your post is to stop you from getting the worm, so before you install it you need to remove the worm first. If you need help with this, then please post back, someone will talk you through the steps. j.

  JIM 18:30 16 Aug 2003

Just switched my new pc you say,( today?)and have you been online since you recieved your system?

Before coming here to post?

if that is the case manufacturer will not be responsible.THE patch you downloaded did not come from MS untill the 11th august,your system would likely be in transit.

scantool KB823980 just click on it and it will do it's job.

click here

Do you have anti virus software on yet?if you have is it updated?/for worm

click here

  Rebanut 19:06 16 Aug 2003

Well I picked my PC up yesterday from the Evesham shop in Cambridge and this afternoon set about getting it up and running, all went fine till I got connected to the internet then it started shutting down every few minutes, got thro to the helpline who told me what to do to stop it shutting down and now I can connect to the net but still confused as to how to get rid of this worm.
thanks for any help.

  JIM 19:12 16 Aug 2003

Sorry to ask again, do you have a anti virus installed.?

  JIM 19:16 16 Aug 2003

VIRUS: W32.Blaster.Worm info

If your computer becomes infected, follow the steps below:

Start PC and log on to Internet

When you get the message "Windows Will be

Shutdown in 60 seconds"

Click START then click RUN and then type in the

RUN box "shutdown -a" (without the quotes) and click OK

This should stop the countdown.

Next you need to remove the virus

The important thing is to get the patch from Microsoft

which has been mentioned,or you will keep on getting the virus.

Lovsan Virus - aka W32/Lovsan.worm, W32.Blaster.Worm, WORM_MSBLAST.A, Win32.Poza, Worm/Lovsan.A

click here

Stinger can remove this virus. 700kb . (Remember this one.)

click here

Affected Software:

Microsoft Windows XP (download the 32 bit version)

  leo49 19:18 16 Aug 2003

The overwhelming probability is that you contracted the worm as soon as you connected to the internet[it can only take seconds] so the machine didn't arrive with the virus on board.You're just unlucky that you happened to receive your machine this week.There are many many threads on the forum concerning removal so you should soon get rid of it.

  Djohn 19:24 16 Aug 2003

Must admit that I read the first post as, Rebanut switching on his PC and finding the worm immediately! He made no comment regarding logging on the net. j.

  Rebanut 20:18 16 Aug 2003

Sorry about the confusion with my first post,
some of you left me
some "click here" none of those will open either,
also when I go to Outlook express I try to write an email and I go to create mail and a little box says there is not enough memory, so I am very discouraged and will have to wait till monday to phone Evesham.
thanks to you all anyway.
oh Jim asked if I had an Anti Virus installed, well it came with Norton but it wont let me install that either.

  jospar 20:43 16 Aug 2003


if I read your thread right, then you picked the computer up from there shop. If so I myself would be tempted to pack the computer up, and take it right back on Monday morning to the shop. And demand that they do something then and there, either remove and fix any problems that are prestent,right now I,m willing to wait or if this can't be done, replace with another computer new of course.

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