New PC user & Windows XP

  Tina-218624 21:52 30 Oct 2003

I recently bought my first PC from Currys, a Packard Bell Iextreme, not knowing what comes with PC's I am confused. I have been back to Currys and queried the contents, but they told me it's all correct.
Whilst lack of handbooks I can deal with at the moment. (I bought a Windows handbook) my main concern is:-
The only discs that came with the product are Packard bell's software library and Works. I have no Windows XP discs, both Currys' and PB say that is standard procedure to pre-install windows and not provide the discs, but that I can copy it from my hard-drive(??) and no start-up discs.
In what circumstances would I need these discs and as I haven't got them, will I have to re-purchase a copy of windows XP?
I don't understand computers, my brother wants me to take it back and say it's incomplete, Currys say it's complete. My brother is now not speaking to me, because he thinks I've been duped.
Could somebody please advise me on what to do, with regards to me creating my own installation discs and generally getting hold of all software needed to protect myself should my PC go 'pear-shaped'. Thanks

  hugh-265156 22:02 30 Oct 2003

you should have a red recovery floppy,if not get one from the download link for your computer click here

xp will be pre installed.there is a hidden sector on your hard drive containing the operating system and drivers/programs etc.

click start/all programs/pc tool kit & services,here you should see "smart restore" use this to install or remove any pre installed software.

you should also be able to create your own master discs from the hidden partition using "my cd writer" or similar in all programs menu.

if you do make your own,check them for errors afterwards as when you create the master cds you no longer will have the hidden partition.

  daxian 22:10 30 Oct 2003

hi bbc32k.....
this is typical of currys& pc world ....
they supply a floppy (red)to restart the computer if it goes pear shaped .

there is also the facility to create "masterdisks"which are used in conjunction
with a utility on the hard drive ,that do actually work to restore your computer to its
factory fresh state ,this includes the operating system (windows xp)

there should be a users manual that describes the process ,but i had to read it 4-5 times before i felt confident to perform the task .

it is a lot easier to do it from the original xp
disk ,but that would not put back all the software that came on the computer when you bought it ,so in the long run, the restore disk is the best option .

  accord 22:20 30 Oct 2003

you should have a copy of the recovery cd which packard bell should supply and not currys and if you have MS works there should be that cd aswell.

Give Packard Bell a ring and ask them for the discs, click here

  Proxy Worm 22:22 30 Oct 2003

One partition of your hard drive will be Recovery. Then you need to burn it to a disk, as if anything ever goes wrong the engineer or you will have to load it back on, it will contain Windows xp and other drivers and stuff.

  Djohn 22:27 30 Oct 2003

No you've not been duped at all. Pakard-bell are good quality machines, sold at a competitive price.

huggyg71 is correct and any advice you need, then just come to this forum and the many members will help.

Most, but not all PC's from the larger suppliers come the same as yours. No XP CD. But the full program will be on your hard drive, you should have access to this from a floppy, or from a CD that came with your machine.

Microsoft Works is a small suite of programs to start you off and will contain a word processor for writing letters and a Data-base for keeping a record of collections such as Music Cd's, books or many other things.

When will you need to use the Recovery disk, or Restore disk? Only if some months from now and you have a problem that you can't correct, or a corrupt or missing file. Or even if you have installed many programs and then taken some off again and your PC is not working as it should.

Then you can use the Restore/Recovery CD to put your system back to exactly how it was the first day you bought it.

But this may never happen, you have bought yourself a nice new PC, so relax and enjoy using it, have lots of fun and if you do have a problem, then come back here and you will find all the help you need.

In fact, don't wait for a problem, if you have any questions at all on how to use your PC, just ask. Enjoy your PC and welcome to the forum. j.

  woodchip 22:36 30 Oct 2003

While the System is working and in good order, Get Drive Image and make an Image of Your Hard Drive so that you can put it al back in 10 mins to working order as at when you make the Image You put the Image on another Partition or CD's

  hugh-265156 23:44 30 Oct 2003 above info was incorrect. its not "my cd writer" you use to create the master discs its "master cd creator" you should have.

you will find this in start/all programs/pc tool kit & services. also look for "activdoc" this is your info tool for the computer.

packard bell support is(contrary to popular opinion)in my experience very good.i created my own masters and found them to be corrupt,a quick call to PB (tel.0870 901 3000 if purchased from dixons,currys pc world.BT nat rate)and they sent me new ones within a week.

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