New PC trouble

  [email protected]!nt 16:31 09 Aug 2004

Just fired up my new pc and I have ran into a little trouble. I aint getting nothing. The motherboard has a little LED in ot to show I have power, this is on. Its just when I press the power up button nothing happens. The front panel connectors are connected properly, so I am at a bit of a loss.

  cherria 16:43 09 Aug 2004

Did you build it yourself?

If so, check that you have the power connectors connected to all devices, Motherboard and all drives etc.

  [email protected]!nt 16:45 09 Aug 2004

yea i built it myself, i have check all connections. they're fine.

  Quiller. 16:48 09 Aug 2004

Is the fan on top of your processor spinning when you press the power button.

  [email protected]!nt 16:49 09 Aug 2004

its watercooled.

  SEASHANTY 16:49 09 Aug 2004

You could have the wrong connections to the push button on/off switch. Make sure that the internal case wires for speaker, HDD Led, Switch PSU are connected properly. I have myself put these wires
to the wrong block connector term when I used to self build.

  [email protected]!nt 16:51 09 Aug 2004

ive checked them over, they're fine. according to the manual, its "fool proof"

  Quiller. 16:53 09 Aug 2004

As with SEASHANTY, also check the reset connection, try it reversed.

Has the water cooled cpu a pump, can you hear it work?

  Quiller. 16:58 09 Aug 2004

The clear cmos jumper on the mobo is not in the open position, is it.

  [email protected]!nt 17:00 09 Aug 2004

the mobo is new so it shouldnt be right? i havent actually checked though

  daxian 17:04 09 Aug 2004

does the motherboard have the extra power connector for the cpu ...i.e .p4 requires this to work ...
just a thought you have not given us much info on the board /cpu !Dave.

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