New PC - Transfering Data

  johndrew 11:56 21 Jan 2012

Well I have made the leap from my XP Pro 32bit PC and ordered a shiny new W7 Pro 64bit unit - at a price. Now comes the fun of transferring as much as I can as simply as possible. Given that I have few days before it arrives I thought I would get prepared as far as possible.

I found this Windows Easy Transfer software which looks as though it should do the job but I wanted to confirm that it will work from 32bit to 64bit as it isn't exactly clear on that part of the subject. I recognise that I am unlikely to find something that will transfer programs from one to the other.

There must be many who have already been through this trauma who came give a bit of advice and much is needed and welcome.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Secret-Squirrel 14:46 04 Feb 2012

John, regarding your wake-from-standby query, this may help:

Go to Control Panel -> Power Options -> click "Require a password on wakeup" -> select "Don't require a password". If that option's greyed out then click the "Change settings that are currently unavailable" link.

Sorry, I've never heard of your 'click here for privilege' message so I'm unable to advise on your second problem.

  johndrew 10:52 05 Feb 2012

"Don't require a password"

Thank you, that fixed it.

"You can turn off or turn down UAC."

Is this likely to make the system less secure than XP? If not it seems a good option.

  johndrew 20:01 06 Feb 2012

Well I think I have exceeded the remit of this thread and should close it. If (when) I need more help I shall start another wit a more dedicated title.

Many thanks for all help provided.

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