New PC and transfer of hard disk/files etc

  Durko 12:41 29 Oct 2003

I'm about to purchase a new PC very soon. My query is what's the procedure in very simple language for transfering the contents/files etc of the hard disk from my old pc to the new pc.

Thank you

  stlucia 13:23 29 Oct 2003

Depends a little on what operating system the old and new computers are using, but following are a few options to consider:-

1. Take the HDD out of the old PC and put it into the new one as a slave. Your can either leave it there as a second drive, or drag all your data off it and then put it back into your old PC.
2. Network the two computers together (I think Win XP facilitates this) and move the data over.
3. Use a utility like LapLink to connect the two PCs together and move the data over (other users may tell you if there are freeware programs which do the same thing).
4. Burn the data onto one or more CDs, and then read it into the new PC.
5. Copy the data a bit at a time onto a USB memory stick, and then read it into the new PC.

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