new PC and Tiscali broadband woes

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:42 05 May 2004

Hi all, I have been using Tiscalis 156kb package for about 3 months with no probs.

However I have now bought a new PC and am having problems connecting. I have mislaid the CD I got with the modem so have got a pay as you go dial up connection to tiscali and downloaded the drivers, so that's fine. All is installed and I have copied the connection settings from the old PC to the new one but the new one won't connect. I get a "error 721: the remote computer has not responded" error (the wording may not be exact but that's the gist). I called Tiscali CS and they said there was a problem with my ADSL line and have reported a fault with BT. I called BT and they said there is no fault and Tiscali have no way of telling, so I called tiscali again and they said it was a network problem at their end and would take 4 days to fix. Yet my old PC still connects fine so I assume this is wrong also.

Just got a call from some tech guy at tiscali and he said he will send me a new modem CD which will solve the problem, but will it, bearing in mind I have downloaded the drivers?
I am on the old PC now, running 98se. New one runs XP home. Have disabled Norton firewall on new PC still no joy.

I notice in XP there is a files and settings transfer wizard. Is there one on 98se? if so can I copy my IE settings onto a floppy and put them on the new PC with this?

Any other suggestions?

any help/suggestions would be gratefully recieved.



  Tangy 23:05 05 May 2004

Looks like your new computer has conflicts with broadband. click here;en-us;Q318009

  Tangy 23:08 05 May 2004

The above link doesn't seem to work. Try the following link, click here & search for '318009' in the Search box.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:25 05 May 2004

Thanks for the link, a couple more questions:

In the article it says the error occurs with lucent win modems with certain HP PCs, I have a Sagem modem and, althoug it is a HP PC, my comp is not listed. Is this still likely to be the problem? I have downloaded the latest drivers from the sagem site which would surely include those for XP?

Also, from my understanding of the article, it affects PCs which have been upgraded from 98 to XP, I am talking about two different PCs, is this still the answer?

Sorry, for my ignorance but I just want to be sure.



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