New PC, tips needed.

  r0zvad 23:25 26 Oct 2003

I've been wanting a new computer for a while now and have been thinking about making my own. I have quite a bit of computer knowledge but have never built a PC from scratch. I am mainly wanting a rig for gaming and the internet, so power is needed here. Just wondered if you could offer me some tips on my first build, ideas, suggestions etc.

P.S. Could you also state the difficulty level for such upgrades.

  Djohn 00:42 27 Oct 2003

Look to the top of this page and you will see a blue link to "Magazine" Click on that and scroll down the page until you see the section with drop down menu's, to-ward the bottom of the page.

Open up the "Series" one and you will see "Computer build" click on that and you will be able to download a three part series that the Magazine did on this subject last year.

There is a small fee to pay, but the documents can be downloaded in PDF format for you to print off and keep. This will be an excellent starting point for you, then you can come back to the help room with any questions or help that you need. Good luck in building your PC. J.

  sil_ver 01:00 27 Oct 2003

If you have any mechanical/electrical aptitude (enough to be dangerous) building a computer these days is a doddle. The question that has to be asked is, how much do you want to spend and what Mobo/CPU type (AMD/INTEL et al). For gaming I would have thought any CPU in excess of 2GHz and graphics card brought out within the last6 months would be reasonably future proof and a PSU of 350-400W. Of course with the speed of change within the industry it is impossible to guess what tomorrow will bring.

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