New PC is so slow on desktop

  Reazar3 20:45 29 Aug 2007

i recently bought a new custom pc:

2.6ghz quad core
320gb sataII hd
8800gts nvidia 320mb
2gb(2x1gb) corsair ddr ram

its a pretty good spec computer but when i start it up and load firefox or wm player, it takes like 5 minutes to load, once it has loaded once it usually open up again fairly quickly, why is it so slow? i dont have any viruses or bad processes on the task manager or startup programs.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:46 29 Aug 2007

Cut down on the programs that load at startup -- Start - Run type msconfig - startup tab- untick everything except for firewall, antivirus and antispyware

and the services that run in the background. click here

  Andy1991 21:17 29 Aug 2007

windows media player may have a memory leak, the program may have been installed badly. The windows media player add in is in Firefox as well. do u have the problem with IE.

  umbongo(uk) 22:18 29 Aug 2007

have you checked microsoft for any patches

i say this as when dual cpu.s came out there was a patch to fix an issue with it

as both cpu,s would not share the workload correctly

this may be the case with qaud as it is new tech and some things may not be optimised as yet

  Reazar3 15:55 30 Aug 2007

Well i know its not the startup programs, since i only have the wireless utility and some drivers that load up on startup, and its not just firefox or windows media player, ive found that its any program, i can move icons and delete stuff on the desktop fairly easily but opening programs takes like 10 minutes, e.g. i went onto control panel and to display, it took about 10 minutes for me to go to the screensaver tab. Ive scanned for viruses, theres no viruses according to avg, im going to look for a patch but ive had windows update on all the time and installed them all.

  woodchip 16:01 30 Aug 2007

I may be wrong on this but a Quad. or Dual Core only works best with Programs that are written to work with it. My guess is that it could be limping along only one CPU doing the main work, rather than sharing the work as they should

  woodchip 16:02 30 Aug 2007

A single core can often be faster with the programs we run today

  Reazar3 20:14 30 Aug 2007

hmm, so it may be because its running on one quad core processor, does that mean its the equivalent of a 600 mhz processor? (1/4 of 2.4ghz), there are no drivers for the core 2 quad processor, and it seems to be getting worse, i had to load up firefox and then go and have some lunch or something whilst it loaded cuz it took so long. I would have thought if they are this slow for everyone, noone would buy them, although its amazingly good for the games i play, everything else is just aggravating. Thanks for the theory woodchip, is there any advice you can give me on what to do about it?

  [email protected] 20:25 30 Aug 2007

sorry if i missed it, has anyone asked which operating system you are using?

  I am Spartacus 20:32 30 Aug 2007

Although Dual and Quad core systems will obviously work well with software written specifically to use all the cores you should notice a big increase in performance compared to something like an Intel 3.2GHz.

If it's taking 10 minutes to load basic programs then that suggests there's a problem somewhere. My guess would be the chipset and graphics drivers and would suggest you check out and load the latest.

I have a C2D E6600 on Win XP Pro and the performance is a massive improvement on my P4 2.5GHz system (I'm talking nearly double the performance, more on video rendering).

Also check out the BIOS settings to make sure they're all optimised for your system (the manual should help out on this).

Some of my programs run on a single core of my PC at 2.4GHz and they're still loads faster than anything I've used before.

  [email protected] 20:33 30 Aug 2007

there is some reading here, i think some dual core cpu's can be faster at basic operations, for example running ie7 and a security package. vista is optimised for dual core, whereas xp is usually better with manufactures software such as amd optimise. there are several games heading towards the quadcore only zone, so i think you have a great cpu for the future, sadly lacking somewhat in the support/ application area at the moment some reading here.
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