New PC running too hot???

  BeesFan 11:20 09 Aug 2003

Ive just purchased a new budget PC that runs with an Athlon 2800+ with a Ti4200 8xAGP

I can quite happily run Windows apps all day long but if I try to run a 3D game it will run for a little while and then the machine will reboot itself

At first I thought it was the graphics card, but I have now tried different ones with the same effect each time, so I guess its the CPU...

I dont mind fitting a fan as Im reasonably okay with that sort of thing, but where would it go? The CPU has a large heatsink on top of it - does the fan sit on top of that or must the heatsink be removed (wouldnt fancy that)

Ive looked throught the other questions on cooling but couldnt find an answer.

PS Im sure its a cooling problem because if I switch the PC off overnight and then try to run game immediately after switching back on, it works okay for a much longer period of time

Thanks in advance

  STEVE71163 11:38 09 Aug 2003

What sort of temperatures is your bios showing?

  mark500 11:38 09 Aug 2003

You should have got a fan on the heatsink when it was fitted (Manufacturer scrimping on parts). Go to your local PC component center and buy a fan which should just screw into the top of the heatsink. More drastic is to buy a new heatsink with fan fitted and replace the lot.This would probably mean stripping your computer down to the bare motherboard to get at the clips.

  AMD 4 ever 11:40 09 Aug 2003

blimey is that what you call dudget pc? what motherboard do you have? Are all drivers up-to-date with the graphics,sound,chipset??

  fitfella29 11:42 09 Aug 2003

might be better to fit a new heatsink and fan.

click here:click here

your best bet would be one of the first two on the screen and a silent 80mm fan to go on top.

  STEVE71163 11:43 09 Aug 2003

mark500. Not all graphic cards have a fan. I have a Radion 9000 128mb ddr card and that has not got a fan and my last graphics card did not either.

  AMD 4 ever 11:46 09 Aug 2003

the manufacturer will adequately test the card, if it needs a fan or passive cooling i.e heatsink only. I think there is some confusion here...aren't we talking about the cpu heatsink?

  BeesFan 11:50 09 Aug 2003

Well its a ASRock K7S8X Motherboard and the graphics card has a dirty great fan which makes enough noise to wake the dead so I guess its working.....

I turned the machine off for half an hour, then back on - within 15 mins the case is quite hot to the touch

Bios temp readings are -

CPU 61/62 C
M/B 40 C

All the drivers have been brought right up to date

  AMD 4 ever 12:01 09 Aug 2003

asrock is a subsidory of asus, so a respectable brand..however it is a cheaper model. Can you post the model number, as some asrocks only support upto 2600xp. Thus extra heat could be causing you knwo the rating that came with the h/s/f?

  STEVE71163 12:01 09 Aug 2003

I have the same m/b as you but i have a xp2000 cpu and my temperatures are cpu 46c and m/b 39c but i fitted a zalman flower cooler to the cpu earlier this week which made a huge differance but your temperatures are well within the limits.

  AMD 4 ever 12:02 09 Aug 2003

sorry just seen you have...doh.

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