New PC required...emphasis on Photoshop...

  nick_j007 13:22 29 Apr 2006

Hello all,

I am beginning to look for a new desktop PC to replace my old faithful laptop. It's still going strong, but I'm encountering colour calibration issues when working with my photos.
For those interested, I'm shooting RAW on a KM7D, converting using Capture One Pro, and adjusting further in Photoshop CS.

My budget is not determined as of yet, but I spent well over a grand on this laptop over 6/7 years ago!

I would like a flat screen, but have been told that a CRT would suit me better. I would require plenty of RAM (though I could always get a simpler system and add it myself). A good sized screen would be very nice, and realise this alone could set me back some.

I have an external 160 gig drive that I could utilise here...currently in an external case connected via USB2. I also have about 100 gig's in the laptop itself, but that would remain in there I suppose.

I'm currently struggling with nine USB plugs going into a 7plug hub, the laptop USB's, and a PCMCIA adaptor. This just about works, but a couple are vying for the laptop sockets such as the mouse and a PDA sync unit to work properly. (Would I be in the same position on a desktop?)

I no longer play games on the PC, but the option might be nice. I a presume the graphics ability for Photoshop would suit games also anyway?

So, Are there any decent all in packages around fitting my bill? Or am I best to put together my own set up?

Many thanks for any thoughts,


  ScarFace(M.O.D) 14:16 29 Apr 2006

i think u actually would be better gettin all seperate components and building our own pc, as you may be able to get away with utilizing sum of the ones u have. the best way to do it is list all the components you need, shop for them seperately ad the price, then look for ready made systems that have all or more of the components at a similar price

  hssutton 21:17 29 Apr 2006

Just about any modern PC will run photoshop, with two proviso's 1. Plenty of Ram. At times I found it a struggle when using 1Gb (when using a lot of layers) 2. plenty of hard drive space (preferably two hard drives on board) plus one external for storage of photos.

Like many photoshop users I switched over to TFT sometime ago, until recently using a 19" LG which was adequate, but now use a Formac 20" widescreen which is very good. As it lacks a contrast control, monitor calibration requires setting up using the graphics card software, but once calibrated it's one super monitor.

  nick_j007 17:18 30 Apr 2006

I like the idea of building my own PC, but am at a loss when it comes to Motherboards, cpu's, graphic cards etc.

Any good sites around that walk you through this sort of stuff? In terms of building it from scratch?

I love the look and write ups on the Formac...ebuyer has plenty of good reviews there.

Also, is it really any cheaper to DIY, as I was also looking at a new Dell Dimension 9150 for example.



  Skills 17:35 30 Apr 2006

Now I would say its no cheaper to DIY as you cant really compete with the pricings of dell etc. The advantage is that you can tailor make your PC to your specs using the components you wish.

  nick_j007 17:40 30 Apr 2006

Thanks Skills. At least I know I won't be shooting myself in the foot etc.

I am getting a bit steamed up looking at the Dell 9150 with a 20" Widescreen monitor for example. click here

In a way it will exceed my needs for now, but I will certainly use all those USB ports and enjoy the screen as I do a lot of photo editing and multi tasking (hey, I can justify it if I want!)


  hssutton 20:18 30 Apr 2006

I've heard very good reports on the 20" ultrasharp monitors, I have an aquaintence who recently bought two of these monitors and is highly delighted with them

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