New PC parts. Many issues across the board. [Long]

  Chanute 11:57 17 Sep 2019

So, it starts out with my prebuilt dell computer that I got when Etherium had jacked up the prices to basically the maximum. Here are the stock specs for it:

Ryzen 5 1400

8gb ram


450 watt cheap Chinese PSU

cheap Chinese mobo

I decided that I would do a major overhaul recently. This is what I got:

ASUS X570 pro4 mobo

Asus Tuf gaming RTX2060

Corsair CM650X PSU

16gb ram @3000mhz (G.Skill)

Upon getting the new parts, I gutted my old PC. I then realized that my mobo wouldn’t fit in the stupid dell proprietary case, so I decided to set it up on my desk with some foam underneath because I don’t have a testbench. I installed all of the new components and tried to boot it up.

I shorted the power pins, and the fans started spinning. The CPU and DRAM lights came on the mobo, and after 5-10 seconds it shut off, restarted, and repeated. I reseated the cpu, applied more thermal compound. I'm not sure what exactly I did, but it eventually booted to windows

After 10-15 minutes of windows I got the VideoDXGKRNLFATAL_ERROR blue screen. I rebooted and the same thing happened. After a while of this happening, I reinstalled my old graphics card and it didn't happen. I re downloaded and reinstalled the Nvidea drivers. I shut down, put in the RTX2060, booted up and everything was ok.

I decided to try and play Fallout: New Vegas. I had just downloaded it and have never played it before. I did the DirectX fix so that I could get in game, only to find that I was getting 5-10 fps. I restarted the game to no avail. I then looked in Task Manager, and I noticed that my GPU was not showing up in the performance tab. (yes, I did scroll all the way down).

I gathered that my drivers must have still been behaving oddly, so I looked up the issue that was making me crash before. On the web it said that a BIOS update might fix it. I decided to do that. I got a FAT32 flash drive, put the image file (blanking on the type), and did a flash update. All was successful, so I pressed enter to reboot. Then, the original problem of the computer turning on, and turning off 5-10 seconds later came back. I don’t know what to do at this point and I am frustrated beyond belief. I’m beginning to think that my mobo is a lemon or something because as far as I know that should not happen. I could use any advice I can get because I can’t think of anything else.

  wee eddie 14:35 17 Sep 2019

Don't blame Dell.

There are normally 4 different MOBO Sizes for Desktop PCs.

You failed to check the size required for your case.

  Flat Earther 17:33 17 Sep 2019

Did you carry over the old Ryzen CPU, as I don't think the X570 chipset supports it.

  Chanute 18:16 17 Sep 2019

I found out that the X570 chipset does not suppler 1st gen Ryzen processors. The guy I talked to in the shop said it would be ok, but it clearly is not. Also, I have a 650 watt power supply now, and dell has a proprietary motherboard that is it’s own special size

  Chanute 18:18 17 Sep 2019

I meant to say Support in my first answer. Thanks autocorrect!

Btw I’m doing this from mobile, so if there is an edit button I don’t see it.

  wee eddie 21:59 17 Sep 2019

Look, getting a suitable Case will only set you back about £30, or less, if you buy second hand

  Chanute 22:17 17 Sep 2019

Thanks for the suggestion, but I have alreadiy ordered a Phanteks P300, and will be getting it tomorrow.

Also, not sure if you were trying to be condescending, but saying 'Look,' gives people that feeling. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

  Chanute 22:20 17 Sep 2019

Also, @wee eddie, they marked my computer as being an ATX tower, but it's actually some proprietary size between a standard ATX a mini ATX.

  wee eddie 23:18 17 Sep 2019

Sorry, I assumed that you would be aware that almost all Dell stuff is made especially for them and to their own specification.

You just need to order a Case that is the correct size for your MOBO

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