new pc or new graphics card?

  steve1ooo 20:24 16 May 2005

my pc is a medion 8008XL about two years + old.
it includes a p4 2.66 GHz, 1024 megs of pc 2700,a 120 gig HD and an upgrade to a second hand radeon 9700 pro.
It has been very reliable and is good for all tasks,except i get a slow down on rome total war when there is a lot going off on screen.Is it worth getting a new grahics card ? (nvidia 6600GT AGP)? or should i replace the whole pc and take advantage of PCIe ?

  Border Collie 20:33 16 May 2005

Personally I'd go for a new graphics card, your system looks OK to me.

  Joe R 20:44 16 May 2005


I agree with Border Collie, your system looks fine for the moment, and I would also agree with your choice of card.

  Totally-braindead 20:56 16 May 2005

If your system was something like a 1400 or lower I'd say get a new PC but with what you have I'd just get a new graphics card, you'll get a few years out of it yet.

  dagwoood 22:43 16 May 2005

steve1ooo, I agree with Border Collie/Joe R/Totally-braindead, a new graphics card(6600GT is the best mid-priced card going at the moment)should prove to be the best way to go.

A point to bear in mind though is that if you do decide to just replace the graphics card, make sure your power supply is up to the job.

Your 9700Pro isn't power hungry, but newer cards do make more demands on the power supply, especially Nvidia cards.

  steve1ooo 21:38 22 May 2005

Guess it`s a new video card then.My power supply is 250w and works fine with the 9700 pro.Any one know if the 6600GT consumes more power than that?

  HXP 21:49 22 May 2005

Mate of mine fitted newer Nvidia card and had probs because his agp slot wasn't rated for power needed for new card best xheck your mobo manual - as everyone says newer cards draw nore power.

Should be good once fitted though.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:37 22 May 2005

but if you can afford it the X800XL is by far the best value card at the moment - you get 6800gt/ultra performance for £100 (or more)less.

  Totally-braindead 00:49 23 May 2005

Regarding the specification of what you have. If its a really good quality power supply you may be ok. If not then you would have to buy a new one. Only way to be 100% certain is to try it, if the PC crashes or whatever then you would be able to start with a new power supply as its fairly low for newer PCs.

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