new pc - operating system

  neep 20:08 23 Apr 2006

i recently purchased a new pc (dell) mail order, and now discover that operating system (XP home) disks were not packaged. A friend explained this was the "norm", what happens if i have problems with installed OS files in the future?


  User-312386 20:18 23 Apr 2006

Either you have to purchase a "Restore to Factory Settings Disc"


Hope for the best

  skidzy 20:50 23 Apr 2006

Did the pc in question not have the facility to make your own back up discs ?

I thought if you did not receive a recovery disc,you had a program on the system to make your own recovery discs preinstalled.Sorry i cannot remember what its called.
I may stand corrected on this.Alternatively giving DELL a ring and see what they say.
Good luck

  neep 21:25 23 Apr 2006

thanks for your replies.
as far as i can determine i only have one external drive and that is read only! (no floppy drive), i will try and contact dell, cheers


  terryf 22:57 23 Apr 2006

One possible solution is to find a friendly local dealer and see if they will sell you an OEM copy of windows XP home + sp1 + sp2. Otherwise another possibility if you don't have instructions from Dell to make a backup is to buy Acronis and make an image of your C drive (on to an ext HD)

  terryf 22:58 23 Apr 2006

You should be able to right-click on the ext drive and in its properties untick 'read-only'

  DieSse 00:03 24 Apr 2006

A freind recently bought a Dell system - "restore" CDs were an option (€5 if I remember rightly). Did you miss this when dong the on-line configuration?

Why not call them and explain - and see what they offer you?

  Chris-347369 12:12 24 Apr 2006

The dell recovery software is stored on a seperate partition on the hard disk.

When I bought mine in Feb I was also given the option of burning a one time copy of XP

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