New pc - No os. Problem

  User-5AFD1A65-3222-4B49-B2E5A9BEB13030F4 18:38 16 Mar 2003

Hope some1 can help me.

I bought i new pc with no os, hoping to install it myself.

However, when i switch it on i get nothing on-screen at all. The monitor, mouse & keyboard are all receiving power, but nothing else is happening.

What do you think is the problem?

Thanks in Advance


  cheapskate2k 18:40 16 Mar 2003

Contact the place you got it from! Do the fans run? Any strange beeps?

Everything works fine in terms of power i.e. fans,cd rom, disk drive. Normal beeps.

  AMD 4 ever 20:29 16 Mar 2003

Open the case, remove the graphics card and re-seat it.

  midase 20:49 16 Mar 2003

Don't open the case otherwise you will invalidate the guarantee - take it back to where you bought it.

  wee eddie 21:04 16 Mar 2003

I think!

You shouldn be able to load OS from there

  interzone55 21:20 16 Mar 2003

What OS are you going to install, if it's XP then it will boot & install from the CD, just goto BIOS & set boot options to floppy, CD, HDD1.

If you've no display at all though I would be tempted to open the case & reseat the graphics card, you won't be invalidating the warranty doing this because it's the first thing the tech support line will ask you to do.

I am hoping to install XP pro and yes, i have no display at all. The monitor just sits on stanby.

Why d'you reseating the graphics card fix it? Just curious as i am open to all suggestions cos i bought it mail order and the hassle/time scale of having to send it back is a real put-off

Thanx for all the help so far


  woodchip 21:33 16 Mar 2003

I would not heven check it, Take it back

  woodchip 21:35 16 Mar 2003

"Even" Heaven

  wee eddie 21:38 16 Mar 2003

one of Morgans PC's & Laptops

I have often wondered how one goes about doing the bis with no OS.

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