New PC needed for my friend to work from home

  julius44 20:14 10 Feb 2010

I'm just speaking to my friend on her fone, she needs a to buy a brand new pc very soon...she does some graphic designs for clients, and she needs a pc with Good specs, and MUST have or be able to use 2 MONITORS, as this is essentail for the kind of work she does, and MUST have internal must have onboard graphics card, must be Windows 7, and have decent memory and hard disk space. Just to emphasize the ability for it to work with 2 monitors is essentail, as she wishes to be working on work for different clients/comparing the work at the same time any extra mods, cons would be an advantage.....and internal speakers as well. Any suggestios would be appreciated.

  lotvic 21:07 10 Feb 2010

may I respectfully suggest you google the following terms for fuller explanations:

onboard graphics card
this is built into the motherboard

Internal speaker
A very basic speaker found on the computer motherboard that is responsible for beeps, beeping noises and other mono tones. This speaker is very basic and is not a speaker for playing songs, music, or other complex sounds generated in a game.

- also the budgeted cost for the new pc would be handy as most of the new computers will do what she is wanting.

  retep888 21:18 10 Feb 2010

"it must have onboard graphics card". "MUST have or be able to use 2 MONITORS"

Onboard graphic with dual output, bit difficult to find,does it exist?

Internal speakers might be monitor with builtin speakers?

  lotvic 21:41 10 Feb 2010

I think it may be time to click on 'Resolved' so as not to attract too many 'obvious' postings.

Then maybe put a new Thread on Consumerwatch forum asking for suggested suitable computer specs for the use that your friend wants and the budget £s.
Most seem to post on there asking for advice on which pc to get.

If the monitor is the type with speakers and she has two monitors both with speakers built in.. I foresee probs, but then what do I know :(

  retep888 21:55 10 Feb 2010

She can only plug in one I/O cable to 1 monitor from the "onboard" sound card, I don't see any problems. :-)

  lotvic 22:20 10 Feb 2010

Oh, no prob then :)

any ideas on which pc to recommend?

  Woolwell 22:46 10 Feb 2010

I don't think that it'll work with onboard graphics.
Suggest you contact Cougar Extreme click here and Novatech click here and talk through your requirements. They will give you an idea of price. You don't have to buy from them - shop around.
Knowing the budget would be very helpful.
Are monitors required too?

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